In addition, most IWBs are supplied with software that provides tools and features specifically designed to maximize interaction opportunities. Certain considerations about the Bluetooth connection of the light pen also apply. It is a highly effective tool for brainstorming because notes that are made on the screen can be transformed into text and consequently saved for later sharing and distribution. Bluetooth. The use of whiteboard in teaching allows the computer to become some sort of shared resource. This technology allows whiteboards to be made of any material; with this system no dry-erase marker or stylus is needed. Furthermore, the distractive part of the interactive whiteboard's screen has an effective hideaway feature. The elements on the board can then be manipulated by the instructor using a mouse, stylus, pen or his finger and this is done directly done on the screen. Interactive whiteboards are generally available in two forms: front projection and rear projection. Between 2003 and 2004, The DfES Primary Schools Whiteboard Expansion project (PSWE) provided substantial funding to 21 local authorities for the acquisition and use of interactive whiteboards in UK primary schools. Remote control – Allows the presenter to control the board from different parts of the room and eliminates on-screen toolbars. In this case, the material of the board is important. The device or bar scans a bracketed area (usually 3m by 1.5m, giving a whiteboard that is 110" wide). This study showed a very significant learning gains, particularly with second cohorts of students, where they benefited from the teacher's experience with the device.[9]. In some classrooms, interactive whiteboards have replaced traditional whiteboards or flipcharts, or video/media systems such as a DVD player and TV combination. Music is perfect to listen to... 3) YouTube. Movement of the user's finger, pen, or other pointer over the image projected on the whiteboard is captured by its interference with infrared light at the surface of the whiteboard. When it is pressed in against the board in one way, the board activates a switch in the pen to signal a mouse click to the computer; pressed in another way, contact with the board signals a click of the right mouse-button. Dixons City Academy in the North of England was the first non-college or university learning environment to make use of interactive whiteboards after the school's then principal Sir John Lewis showed a keen interest in the developing technology. The research showed that interactive whiteboard technology led to consistent gains across all key stages and subjects with increasingly significant impact on the second cohorts, indicating that embedding of the technology into the classroom and teacher experience with the technology are key factors. Handheld 'clickers' operating via Infrared or Radio signals, for example, offer basic multiple choice and polling options. Another new model, called the Vibe Interactive Whiteboard, offers similar brainstorming features for drawing out ideas as a group but also works with apps like Skype for Business to hold a … The board is usually mounted onto a wall or even to a floor stand. Such a technology and system is integrated into penveu, and is further disclosed in patent 8,217,997[23]. Turn any size of room into a video meeting space in minutes, Uses of Interactive Whiteboard in Education. Some educators have found that the use of interactive whiteboards reinforces an age-old teaching method: the teacher speaks, and students listen. In Key Stage 2 Science, all pupils, except high attaining girls made greater progress with more exposure to the IWB, with low attaining boys making as much as 7.5 months additional progress. Some manufacturers have provided a unified system where the whiteboards, short throw projection system and audio system are all combined into a single unit which can be set at different heights and enable young children and those in wheelchairs to access all areas of the board. This is beneficial because queries can be answered instantly through a Google search as audio, video and images are all easily accessible. However, rear-projection systems are generally significantly more expensive than front-projection boards, are often very large, and cannot be mounted flush on a wall, although in-wall installations are possible. Beyond the wow factor: developing interactivity with the interactive whiteboard. The authors cite several possible causes for the Key Stage 4 findings, including: a Type II statistical error, disruption to teaching methods leading to reduced pupil performance when IWBs were installed, or a non-random deployment decision of IWB installation resulting in a skew of the data. These vastly reduce the shadow effects of traditional front-projection systems and eliminate any chance for a user to see the projector beam. Thomas, M., & Cutrim Schmid, E. Some manufacturers also provide an option to raise and lower the display to accommodate users of different heights. Yet another system includes a camera built into the handheld pen, with human imperceptible targets injected into the image stream sent to the projector or display, containing positioning information, where the camera detects that information and calculates position accordingly, requiring no calibration at all. This can be achieved by students huddling around the board as they develop bright ideas, the work can then be saved for sharing via email or over a network. Glover & Miller conducted a study on the pedagogic impact of interactive whiteboards in a secondary school. They found that although interactive whiteboards are theoretically more than a computer if it is only being used as an adjunct to teaching its potential remains unrealized. [22] The computer projects a Gray Code sequence of white and black bars on the touch surface and light sensitive sensors behind the touch surface detect the light passing through the touch surface. Brief instructional blocks can be recorded for review by students — they will see the exact presentation that occurred in the classroom with the teacher's audio input. Made of a tiny and lightweight material, the PIWB is easy to transport. As the projector generates its calibration image (a process called "training"), it detects the change in light reflected from the black border and the white surface. It basically promotes interactive teaching. They noted that teachers' use of the technology was not primarily affected by training, access, or software availability.