This ground beef and noodle casserole is made with cream of mushroom soup and baked with cheese and French’s fried onions on top. A cream of mushroom and sour cream sauce made with ground beef and mushrooms is layered with buttered egg noodles and topped with crispy fried onions. EXTRA WIDE EGG NOODLE CASSEROLE. Add cream of mushroom soup and the gravy. Brown hamburger… This ground beef casserole has noodles, cream of mushroom soup, celery, pizza sauce and shredded cheese. I topped with mixed cheddar cheese and baked 40 minutes at 350 in a 9×13 pan. NOODLE-HAMBURGER HELPER. Drain. Added mushrooms, corn, cream of mushroom with roasted garlic soup, tomato soup, and Italian seasoning. Thanks! Ingredients: 8 (cream .. meat .. milk .. noodles .. onion .. soup ...) 6. {Referral links are used in this post} Easy Hamburger and Noodle Casserole with Mushroom Soup Comfort food on the farm looks like this hamburger and noodle casserole! Cook hamburger meat and onion together. Add more water and mix everything together. Recipe and printable instructions listed below Put hamburger in casserole and add rest of ... 6 (noodles .. soup .. vegetables ...) 5. This casserole is SO easy to make, and one of the BEST meals my family eats! Pour over cooked egg noodles. This hamburger casserole with noodles takes less than forty minutes to make and serves six people. Bake everything in one dish for an easy, satisfying dinner that the whole family can agree on! This will be a keeper for sure!! Take out and it is ready to serve hot. May 27, 2017 - This is the hamburger noodle casserole that will take you back in time. Bring to a boil and lower the temperature to a simmer for 1-1/2 hours. Sure, my daughter picked out the mushrooms ( that’s more for me then!) This is a sure-fire family friendly, kid-pleasing ground beef stroganoff recipe! Place the stew meat into a saucepot. Boil extra wide noodles. but she ate an entire bowl of this while telling me how much she loved it. ! Hamburger Noodle Casserole is a simple ground beef dinner recipe perfect for weeknights. Add to meat ... on 350 degrees. I grew up on classic Beef Stroganoff, which was a staple in my mom’s … I will definitely need to double or triple this next time as my kids plowed through it like they were starving!! If you are looking for another delicious ground beef and noodles recipe, try my Sour Cream Ground Beef Noodle Casserole! Hamburger Stroganoff Casserole with Cream of Mushroom Soup.