Aldi zero carb bread review i had a sharp cheddar cheese sandwich (meh) and 2 tuna fish/mayo sandwiches (SCOREBOARD!) ALDI Bread Maker (Bread Maker): 3.2 out of 5 stars from 60 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site So many of the products are unique, high quality, and, above all, well-priced. These are not those. We love Aldi's — most of the time. Not so with the Fit & Active bread, which really does have a wonderful whole-grain flavor. This is perfect for cucumber sandwiches, which is not a phrase that 20-year-old me ever expected that 30-something me would type. It is just like any other brand name bread you could get on the market but no joke it is .99 in store! Fit & Active 45 Calorie Multigrain Wheat Bread, $1.79: Sometimes when bread makers strip the calories out of their products, they also lose some of the taste. The only way you could get prices like that is to go to the bread stores that have expiring and day old bread! As good or better as the $4.50 sunflower seed bread from Whole Foods. the bread has some rye in it, so it smells of rye bread. Aldi has their exclusive brand of their version of white bread and it is soft and very delicious! Both are organic and non-GMO. i got the last one at my local ALDI and only because a lady put one out of her cart back for me (she still had 6 loaves, grr) but i will be back tomorrow for more. One slice has 6 grams of protein (one slice of Dave’s has 5), 4 grams of fiber (Dave’s has 5), and 150 milligrams of sodium (Dave’s has 180 milligrams). Going just by appearance and the packaging, Aldi’s bag says the bread is made with 23 whole grains and seeds (compared to Dave’s 21). This bread is awesome. Our local Aldi finally got in the much buzzed about shelf-stable loaf bread that I’ve wanted to try, so I bought a loaf to take home and review: Size: The Aldi Loaf weighed in at 12oz, which runs about the size of the Udi’s Bread, and smaller than Rudi’s (14 oz), Schar (14.1 oz), Canyon Bakehouse (18oz), and Three Bakers (19oz) Price: and the texture is a little stiff, but who cares? Of course it's an acquired taste, if you like to eat bleached, genetically modified, enriched flour based, chemically altered to look and feel like rubber type "bread" - please enjoy!