Simply by eliminating ongoing searches for parts, tools, and paperwork, a carrier may improve the productivity of its repair operations by more than 30 percent. The idea of 25 to 50 percent improvement opportunities is enticing, but airlines shouldn’t underestimate the magnitude of the task; truly lean companies like Toyota are rare for good reason. aerial work), both commercial and non-commercial (SPO). The new security measures made this all happen. When this discipline is applied to the maintenance shop, only a third of all A-check activities turn out to be nonroutine. tab. What does aviation management mean, and what does it involve? The origin of the word “aviation” stems from the Latin word “avis”, which translates to “bird”. We have seen turnaround times at two internationally based carriers reduced by 20 to 40 percent in this way (Exhibit 4). The goal is to wade through the surprises and get the plane on the flight line by morning. Notes and Definitions: Aviation - Page 2 of 7 . specialised operations (e.g. The president of one commercial maintenance operation overhauling military planes kick-started a struggling lean program by holding short daily meetings on the hangar floor. When the check is done, the team draws on the board’s performance data to see how it could improve. Increase the agility of customer sales and service systems by modernizing your airline’s reservation system on a common, open platform. Frontline maintenance supervisors leave their desks for stand-up roles with their teams. All Rights Reserved. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Landside operations 2. But fuel hedging can be risky for the airline’s bottom line if they miscalculate their fuel cost prediction. You Will Love It When Flying! Waste starts with the utilization of aircraft and other kinds of infrastructure, which often falls below 50 percent. Once the aircraft land, all too many of them taxi to a jetway and wait—perhaps for a ground crew to arrive and open a door or for the end of the traffic caused by another plane’s maintenance delay. The suitability of lean techniques to meet these and other challenges presents the airlines with a ray of hope. Such an effort shouldn’t be a knee-jerk reaction to the freeing up of hangar space as lean-maintenance programs gain traction. As a result, the airlines haven’t given their operations factorylike, industrial-engineering scrutiny. The emphasis of the attack of 9/11 placed the aviation business on a temporary halt, because of the terrorist fear among passengers. The choice of college should be determined, based on the aviation career specialty the student seeks, such as pilot training versus i.e. Aviation management compromises different fields of operations within aviation, each with maintaining very high standards. Many close cousins of the companies in the airline industry—Airbus UK, Boeing, Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky Aircraft—have strategic lean programs in place. Schedulers "job-card" the list of tasks to be performed and coordinate tooling, spare parts, and staffing. Getting these humming takes time. Not every airline needs to overhaul engines. In other process-, labor-, and capital-intensive industries, the superb operators win. Management and mind-set. With the passage of time, new implementations were necessary, in order to secure aviation travel. In a lean A-check, marks on the hangar floor inform the tug operator and the mechanics where a plane will stop, equipment will be kept, and workers will be deployed. The core courses in Aviation Management focuses on the importance of correct aviation management since that is the backbone of the aviation business. Learn more about cookies, Opens in new The rise in prices of fuel around the world has a negative impact on airlines. It covers a huge base of topics within aviation. In our experience, two things are central to achieving this mind-set shift: a trial that serves as proof of concept for the complete system and the rigorous development of lean skills among middle managers. For all these reasons, the factory floors of strong operators hold important lessons for airlines. Get the latest Airline, Aviation & Travel News from CaptainJetson delivered to your mailbox, 100% free. Airline pilots are the highest paid aviation workers, Other high-paying positions include air traffic controllers, aviation management, aeronautics engineers, aerospace engineers, air marshalls, A&P mechanics and avionics technicians, flight attendants, and airline dispatchers. In most successful transformations, the CEO, the COO, and the division president not only talk about lean but also go on "waste walks" to check out the reality of the maintenance shops. Turnaround times between flights typically vary by upward of 30 percent. Airline ticket sales were gradually decreasing. Underlying lean techniques are four principles: the elimination of waste, the control of variability, flexibility, and the full utilization of human talent. When operations leaders take their newfound lean vision beyond maintenance, they see additional opportunities. Aviation began a rapid rise in the 1970s. Aircraft travel lots of kilometers with heavy fuel consumption. Gain fundamental knowledge about aviation operations that ab initio learners will need to succeed as flight operations officers. When airlines make cuts, they typically focus on reducing wage, food, and other supply costs that they can easily control—and that competitors can easily match. As aviation recovered, operations and revenue began to rise once again. Terrorism and hijacking of aircraft for personal gain by terrorist groups started to occur. The team counts its time-to-completion visually. Pilots manage everything from pre-flight safety checks to the safe landing of a flight in a destination city. It involves management courses and along with them marketing courses as well. Yet up to 45 percent of an airline’s cost structure consists of maintenance, ground handling, in-flight services, call centers, and aircraft acquisitions (which are influenced by operational variables like aircraft downtime).