He fished there for the carp and cats (only once mind!) From the car park, walk along the path by the houses and you will need to open both sets of gates (which MUST be locked after use), either side of the public footpath. The venue’s name … The fishing side of the facility is under the management of CEMEX Angling, a subsidiary of the main company. Directions to Pumphouse Lake via South Lake From the M3, exit the M3 at Junction 4a, signposted, Farnborough. Location. NC. The lake has an extensive gravel bar system and an average depth of 5 feet. e. quarry lane old welmore. Farnham Angling Society have acquired 8 lakes and a stretch of the River Blackwater in total. Catch … It has also … VIEW PERMIT INFO > VISIT FAS WEBSITE > BACK TO LOCAL CLUBS > SHOP NOW. yateley lakes. Around 50… Local Venues. The Yateley Complex is a working gravel pit and a series of fishing lakes at Yateley, Hampshire, England, operated by CEMEX, the world's largest building materials supplier. We apologise for any inconvenience caused for this essential works. [1][2] One can fish for silver fish, carp and barbel in the Blackwater. 1/. ID G E. MATCH LAKE. S PARK. Toilets, Stock: A survey was carried out on both lakes around 2009 and while there was a sufficient stock present, a number of young Tench and Crucian Carp were introduced to back up the already growing stock. Designation: General & Match Water, Size: 1.3 acres From the M3, exit the M3 at Junction 4a, signposted, Farnborough. Reopening: We can advise that Pumphouse Lake, Horseshoe Lake & Tree Lake will re-open at 7.00am on Friday 28th August 2020, as their dissolved oxygen levels have now returned to … Fishing at Pumphouse Lake, Yateley. Catfish which are caught must be placed in the retention nets at the fisheries for removal. SANDHURST LAKE. m ha ls n. pa. le al nd o cr e lan ol. 2:56. Yateley has a fishing tackle shop: Yateley Angling Centre (16 The Parade, Reading Road, Yateley, Surrey GU46 7UN) Yateley has supermarkets for stocking up for fishing trips. There are several pubs in Yateley… somer. Yateley Horseshoe Lake. Take the footpath on the house bank towards the gates (key required) that cross the footpath to Horseshoe, Pumphouse and Tree Lake. Angling information about the Yateley Tree Lakes including location details with map, fishery owner details, rules, type of ticket, species of fish and nearest pub. Yateley Pumphouse Lake Members Captures. Pike to 20lb. Pumphouse Lake is sited to the north east of Frys Lane, adjacent to the east end of that road. A lovely overgrown lake, with some fantastic history. [1] The complex is popular with anglers and around 5000 fish at the site each year. rk. 2020. Bear left, following the signs toward Yateley / Reading. Craney TV 1,222 views. driving there cars down to Pole and waiting mans to drop their tackle off, running up and down the … You will find that the Tree Lake is directly in front of you, Pumphouse Lake lies to your left and Horseshoe Lake lies at the far end. Postcode: GU46 7TJ ON ORDERS OVER £50, GUARANTEED SAFE CHECKOUT. neutral: 150, Ian Due to fishing the North lake I am party to information about what has been going on, have the anglers fishing the Pads lake told you the circumstances as to why they have been asked to keep it down and show some consideration, i.e. Proceed straight on for approximately two miles passing the Royal Engineers Gibraltar Barracks and shortly after the barracks turn right at the roundabout and go straight across at the next roundabout. inc: 5, //speed - pixel increment for each iteration of this marquee's movement Coverage of Farnham Angling Society's purchase of the new fisheries at Yateley was featured on Sky Sport 3's 'Tight Lines' angling programme on Friday 25th January at 7.00pm. Yateley Car Park Lake still producing top carp Yateley’s historic Car Park Lake is still throwing up beauties like this pair of linears. The Pads Lake, South Lake and even the diddy little Horseshoe and Pumphouse all contain big fish. Updates: Re-opening of Pumphouse Lakes, Horseshoe Lake & Tree Lake + Guest Tickets + 1 week closure of Stillwater Lakes in late September. The Pads has numerous forty-pluses. The complex was home to a 50-year-old scaleless (also known as leather) carp that has been described as "Britain's most famous fish". In addition to angling use, some of the gravel pits have been restored as sports pitches and some were nominated as potential allotment sites. Please ensure that all gates are locked and secure before you leave the fishery. Access at the current time will be via South Lake. Carp to 30lb Yateley South complex - Temporary closure with immediate effect. Bream to 10lb The Pads Lake, South Lake and even the diddy little Horseshoe and Pumphouse all contain big fish. [7] In 2007 CEMEX offered a further 5 acres (20,000 m2) of land to Yateley Town Council for use as allotments. [3], Some of the individual lakes are famous in their own right. The gates must be locked after use. Angling information about the Car Park Lake at Yateley including location details with map, fishery owner details, rules, type of ticket, species of fish and nearest pub. WY. The Yateley complex is world renowned for it’s famous carp and the well know anglers that have trodden the banks in pursuit of the fish that reside in these picturesque lakes. The complex contains the following fishing lakes: Fishing is also allowed in the stretch of the River Blackwater that runs through the complex. fantastic lake … Yateley - Pads Lake (October 2018) Horizon Baits Social - Duration: 8:24. Drive past Weybridge Mead on your left and the gate immediately on the left is the entrance to the South Complex leading to South Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Pumphouse Lake and Tree Lake. The lakes are stocked with carp, bream, tench, rudd, catfish, roach, pike, silver fish[definition needed] and perch. Night fishing is permitted, for Junior Members Bye-law 4.r. Farnham Angling Society is a large fishing club with a potent portfolio of venues, mainly sited in the west of Surrey. Farnham Angling Society are proud to announce the purchase of 8 of the famous Yateley Complex lakes, ensuring that angling continues on arguably the most famous Carp fishing complex in the country. Over the other side of the road there is a similar story: multiple forties in the Match, some beasts now in the Copse and The Nursery holding fish to 47lb and maybe bigger, as its anglers keep very … Hi Dave, sorry i have'nt actually fished it myself just going on what my mate said to me so sorry i cant help anymore than that. The club also has access to several stretches of river in Berkshire. Please ensure that the gate is locked at Earlier this year a friend suggested a trip to the famous and historic Yateley Pads lake, to which I jumped at the chance. Yateley South complex - Temporary closure with immediate effect As a result of distressed fish showing as a result of low dissolved oxygen levels, the decision has been made to temporarily close South Lake, Pumphouse Lake, Horseshoe Lake & Tree Lake with immediate effect, with the intention being to run pumps to … savedirection: true, This seemed a perfect water for me to move onto. }); At 1.3 acres is known for its Tench and Carp. as "Britain's most famous fish". and said that he saw a couple of nice tench come out (he put them at around 8lb) and they were during the day. The CEMEX company has explored various means of restoration of the gravel pits after they have been exhausted. [3] Sandhurst lake, the newest in the complex, is available on a day ticket basis only with ticket available from Yateley Angling Centre [5][6]. random: false There is a Waitrose in the town at Tresham Crescent, Yateley, Surrey GU46 6FR.There is also a Tesco Express on Reading Road GU46 7UH.. Both lakes provide exciting and satisfying sport where substantial weights can be amassed in a day, throughout the year, to the float or feeder approach. Pumphouse Lake will respond well to the normal small species tactics and most anglers will catch well on the pole or waggler. FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY !! very weedy at the moment. W. ROAD. style: { LANE SWAN. No parking on the Sandhurst Road / Yateley Road is permitted and anyone found to have parked on the verge will face disciplinary action. Calum Kletta Visits Yateley's Sandhurst Lake - Duration: 2:56. This lake still holds a dozen or so ‘originals’, as well as a good head of 30lb-plus fish and a couple over 40 too. There's a great chapter about it in the book 'A History of Yateley, by Alan Cooper', with much info on past and present stock.