They are approx. For each single auction purchase the buyer will receive 5 assorted light wood neck shims. They are intended for a electric guitar neck … I’ve seen just about every type of material used to shim a neck, including a matchbook cover, metal washers, a broken Popsicle stick, wood scraps (Fig. The shim has to be hardwood so as not to deform and to resonate consistent with the wood neck and body of the guitar. Solid hard maple .040 ±.005 (1mm ±.08mm) thick neck shim for Strat or Tele bodies whose neck pocket is 11/16 deep. I measured my old PRS CE and realized that the heel of the neck … By use of red oak veneer, you can easily make your own shims … They are cut exceptionally thin and perfect for neck shims. 4), and a guitar … I recently got a used PRS CE guitar. Eventually, pressure from the neck screws will warp the neck as it tries to fill the void. I realized that some of the saddles (namely the high and low Es) were bottomed out, yet the action was a bit high on the fingerboard. Using a flat shim gives full and tight contact between the heel and pocket. These wood shims are cut on a CNC to insure they fit the neck pocket and the bolt holes align properly. Joint reassembly after a neck reset, … This is the U.S. model with a bolt on neck. How to shim a low guitar nut with hard wood Hardwood shims can be really useful and anyone doing this job will likely find more than a couple of uses. Using this shim will allow you to use an OEM neck such as ours or others on Fender bodies that have this deeper neck … 2 1/4" by 3 1/8" and about 1/40" - 1/42" thick. Shimming dos and don’ts.