Moreover, the study of online recruitment of hard to reach populations in economics and business search field is highly limited (Alive et 2002; Burns and Bush, 2006). Then the individual links to others creating online communities of friends who show public information or send private messages. Moreover, the online questionnaires administration allows the quality of the information to be controlled and avoids duplication of cases. In fact, some authors demonstrate that the response rate Of online studies depends on personalized contact strategies (Cook et al., 2000), the interest of the individuals on the topic considered (Groves et al., 2004), the incentives and the length of the survey (Animosity and Brig, 2008) and technical factors (Copper, 2000). ‘sews, etc.) Snowball sampling is defined as: technique for finding research subjects. Selection bias related with the Internet population (gender, age, education level, socioeconomic level, etc). Because the geographical conditions can change over time, there is a potential sampling bias that makes it necessary to update the sampling frame which means increased costs. 1, 2012 up. Third, the results obtained in the application of SANS to the study of Argentinean entrepreneurs are shown, Finally, the conclusions of the study are presented. Wall postings are basically a public conversation. Virtual snowball sampling not only facilitates the access to *hard to reach” population, but also can expand sample size and the scope of the study and reduce costs and time (Benefited and Solemn, 2006). Sample bias, and response bias. Miller and Scoundrels (2010) summarized the different online sampling methods in the Table l. 3. Internet Research Emerald Article: Social research 2.0: virtual snowball sampling method using Facebook Fabiola Baltar, Ignasi Brunet Article information: To cite this document: Fabiola Baltar, Ignasi Brunet, (2012),"Social research 2.0: virtual snowball sampling method using Facebook", Internet Research, Vol. In spite of these limitations, we consider that it is important to pay attention to the concept tot statistical generalization and other concepts associated with external validation such as theoretical validity or the possibilities of replication. Com/1066-2243. Once the last questionnaire for a study is submitted, the researcher instantaneously has all the data stored in a database; online surveys can include all kinds of questions (e. G. Dichotomous, multiple-choice, scales, open-ended questions); costs are lower because here are specialized online questionnaire development firms, surveys are self. The selection bias originated in a higher participation retorts individual with huge networks and strong ties is the main constrain in non probabilistic samples. According to this idea, the exploratory hypothesis is that Sans are a good complement tort sampling hard to reach/hard to involve populations because they make possible to expand the size and scope of the sample, treasures that constitute the main limitations of this kind of research. Keuntungan dalam pengambilan sampel bola salju virtual yaitu; These limitations can affect directly the validation and quality of data and so scientists are sometimes suspicious in relation to its use. It also reached higher response rates and provided a broad sample with professions and ages were well represented, Other authors have considered the possibility of applying online recruitment strategies. The use of virtual sampling was combined with an online questionnaire as a complementary tool for Web 2.0 research in behavioural sciences. The behavior tooth population tot interest is not known, which leads too poor choice of places in which to approach them. The main advantages of this technique are that can expand the geographical scope and facilitates the identification of individuals with barriers to access. 2003) created a web link to capture information of anonymous recreational drug users. The site, which is available in 37 different languages, includes public features such as: Marketplace. Com, appeared in 1997, From 1997 to 2001 any communities were launched (Assassinate, Blackstone, and Imagine), allowing users to create personal and professional profiles. Subgroups are then treated as a cluster sample and reduce the coverage bias and therefore increase the representatives. In fact, this paper proposes to analyze if social networking sites (Sans), specifically the Backbone network site, can help researchers to contact hidden or hard to reach persons, Although in the last decade researchers became interested in the study of Sans, they particularly focus on the characteristics of the users of Sans (Back et al. Therefore its adoption represents a great challenge in the social research field because there are many barriers Of access and search. However, the question about whether the Internet can be a viable scientific research tool is still under discussion. Groups. A characteristic of this population is that some individuals are administratively invisible in national statistics because they have double nationality (non‐EU and EU). 0 There are many areas where the characteristics of the unit of analysis and the accessibility to the information are strictly bounded. Although the literature is extensive in the use of online data collection tools (e. G. Online surveys, inter. In the same fashion, Evans and Amateur (2005) list a set of problems associated with the use of online surveys: The perception that the mail is a “spam” one which increase the non-response rate. 0, Snowball sampling Hard to reach population, social research methodology, Sampling methods Paper type Research paper 1. The number of cases detected by Facebook and the virtual response rate is higher than traditional snowball technique. The method combines the chain referral sampling with a recruitment process based on their social nervous that allows the calculation of probabilities. Snowball sampling is a popular technique among social scientists who wish to work with a population that is difficult to identify or locate. It is also common to use this sampling technique with people whose membership in a … 3. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here.You can also find out more about Emerald Engage. Although in some other field of research the discussion and application of these methodologies are better developed (i. E. Public health field), in business and economic research development is scarce. Similarly, in the case tot ascending methodologies, it is necessary to remark that the sample is strictly related with the objectives of the research and although results cannot be generalized to the population, because the units of observation are not randomly selected, there are other aspects that must be considered in the analysis of external validity, for example, the importance of the theory (Wong, 2008). Backbone is a popular free social networking web site that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and leagues. Respondent- driven sampling (Hectoring, 1997).