Most cooks will use a coleslaw mix straight from the bag, which is totally fine. Celery seeds are added to … Yet, many home cooks and professional chefs treat it as a sort of "secret weapon" in their soup-making arsenal. The heartier veggies in slaws stand up well to sharp dressings. If you have made a vinegar-based coleslaw and need to freeze the leftovers, don’t wait for too long to do so. Many of the pre-made coleslaws you can buy are a couple days old, drowning in mayonnaise, and made of machine-cut confetti pieces of cabbage, instead of crunchy, thin, and long strands of fresh cabbage. Of course, like any other powerful ingredient, it's easy to use too much vinegar. How to Make Sweet Vinegar Coleslaw. Coleslaw is one of those recipes that gets written off as nothing to get excited about, but I think much of the reason is because of how it’s typically encountered. You can use any vinegar while preparing coleslaw. Vinegar. Dutch in origin and popular in England, this basic shredded cabbage salad is called “cole”slaw, not “cold”slaw, and has so much flavor it’s not really that basic at all. A splash of good-quality vinegar is strikingly effective at brightening and enhancing the flavors of broth, pureed or even cream soups. White wine vinegar is the most used. Step 1: Make the Dressing . The coleslaw that is a couple of days old poses the risk of bacterial growth, which could cause food poisoning. However, it does not add much to the nutritional value of the dish. Celery Seeds. How To Freeze Ready-Made Vinegar Coleslaw. The only significant contribution is the presence of sodium.