Learn more about how… https://t.co/RoNquGC8yL, RT @Lesleyattalk: Lots of $$$ going back into the regional economy at Mt Erin packhouse. Our solutions are highly customizable to cater to the demands of various packhouses and their produce. The TOMRA 5S Advanced builds on Compac’s reputation for gentle handling while implementing food safe and easy to clean materials – something that took Pure Innovation to achieve. Earnest Amateurs Tim Grieve +64 27 896 5684 www.compacsort.com. The new platform is designed to meet and exceed the industry’s evolving requirements driven by a … It is digitally enabled to connect to Cloud data platforms such as TOMRA Insight or other APIs, enabling better flow of information up and down the supply chain and helping your operation make better data driven decisions. The shareholders have been looking for a partner to help realize this opportunity and see TOMRA as the … We’ve been refurbishing machineries for the fresh industry since 2000 to meet the needs of fruit packers around the globe. "A little over 30 years we started in a garage and today Compac is the global technology leader in fruit sorting and employs over 700 people worldwide. © 2020 Copyright Compac Sorting Equipment, Toolless design for easy cleaning & maintenance, Redesigned lane dividers improve gentle handling and versatility when sorting multiple fruit types, Compac’s proprietary carrier design enables a single carrier to gently singulate, rotate, weigh and eject produce without any additional fruit transfers, Dual sided tipping to improve gentle handling, Food trust solenoid delivers improved reliability of maintenance through a simple clean-in-place design, New polymer chute outlets deliver improved fruit flow and maintain excellent handling in an easy to clean design, New brush drop outlets maintain class leading handling while delivering easy brush exchange and maintenance, Toolless detentioning and removal of components, Clean-out-of-place (COP) designs enable the swap of contaminated components in a few minutes, Reduced cleaning downtime for maintenance, Key contact areas are stainless steel or food safe polymer, Toolless design fore easy cleaning & maintenance, Redesigned lane dividers improve gentle handling versatility when sorting multiple fruit types. Redesigned from the ground up, the TOMRA 5S Advanced represents a major evolution in the industry delivering the perfect balance between gentle handling, food safety, people safety, throughput, and cost of ownership. World leading sorting solutions. Infeed is the first stage of our end-to-end packhouse solutions and includes a range of specialist tipping and dumping solutions to cater for the handling needs of different produce, as well as small fruit removal systems and Compac's custom-made water flume and pumping systems for gentle transportation. Inspectra2 enables you to pack the previously unpackable batches – sorting internal defects with confidence and ensuring that you deliver a product that will delight your customer. The cherries are then distributed to flumes that convey them to manual grading tables and then ICOEL box fillers. As we push the sorter longer the quality of the chain becomes vital to maintaining performance. Compac packs a variety of produce using a range of different packing methods. The company’s mission is to enable its customers to improve returns, gain operational efficiencies and ensure a safe food supply via the application of smart, useable technologies. It is the only platform truly designed for hygienic operation, with toolless cleaning and sanitization, and food safe contact areas. Today, we have installed over 6,000 lanes worldwide and provide sorting solutions for many of the globe’s largest growers and packhouses. Since the 1980s, Compac has been on the forefront of fresh produce sorting and grading technology. UltraView maximizes Spectrim grading performance while increasing line efficiency … Compac provides integrated post-harvest solutions and services to the global fresh produce industry. Compac U is our industry-leading service and technical support network, responsible for ensuring our customers get the highest standard of training and service whenever they need it - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is tremendous opportunity for further development and growth and we recognize that this requires more resources than we have available. to dismantle parts of the machine. Focusing investments on the areas that affect you… https://t.co/Pb1xQ0PbQ4, RT @Postharvest_Dir: The end-to-end #kiwifruit solution by @Compacsort allows the company to work with the world’s high performance kiwifr…, If you haven't had a chance to read our Q3 #fruitforthought Newsletter yet, follow the link below to signup and hea… https://t.co/rO1DC6iB9c, Mechanical Masters The cherries are then distributed to flumes that convey them to manual grading tables and then ICOEL box fillers. Compac provides integrated post-harvest solutions and services to the global fresh produce industry. Compac, part of TOMRA Food, the leading provider of post-harvest solutions and services to the fresh produce industry, and Sienz, a manufacturer, integrator and service provider to packers of fresh fruit and produce announced they have entered into a partnership agreement for the supply of produce grading solutions in Australia and New Zealand across a range of selected produce categories. in IRD (impact recording device) results and fruit flow. We are. Compac's pallet handling solutions improve efficiency within the packhouse. at a safe speed while the staff clean the belts. Our end-to-end citrus solution ensures our customers experience gentler handling, greater throughput, lower labor requirements and improved, consistent citrus quality, resulting in a greater return from their … The TOMRA 5S Advanced has been designed to connect and integrate with the packhouse’s systems and become the digital heart of the facility. The Compac Small Fruit Sorter singulates the fruit onto lanes where every individual fruit is rotated under the InVision2 cameras, which take more than 70 photos of each cherry to grade color, softness and quality. Our new inspection module integrates with the Compac Spectrim cabinet to provide ultimate detection of defects located in the critical stem bowl and tip areas of the fruit. Spectrim is the industry’s most powerful optical sorting platform. A través de los sistemas de peso exacto del InVision 9000 por Defectos de Compac, se logra clasificar la cosecha por calidad externa, tamaño, forma, color y peso individual antes de llegar a la clasificación manual. https://t.co/LUohz…, © 2020 Copyright Compac Sorting Equipment, We are continually looking for people who share our ambition and values to join our award-winning team. Compac New Zealand (Bay of Plenty) 5 Ashley Place PO Box 11228 Palm Beach Papamoa 3151 NEW ZEALAND. This information can be shared with other packhouse systems such as ERP, traceability systems and carton printing applications for improved operations and reporting. In return for your dedication and effort, we'll provide you with the environment in which to grow, succeed and progress in your career.