The Tascam brand tends to be used more as mixers and recording devices on filming sets and locations, so the quality of your audio will be equal to anything else recorded for any project you may be working on. The Beatles recorded much of their work using Neumann microphones at Abbey Road. However, this can mean they pick up less of the specific sound of your voice, whether that is low, bassy frequencies or high, ringing frequencies. 71-75 Shelton Street You’d be forgiven for thinking the answer is simple, but it’s a more complicated subject than you might first imagine. Condenser microphones are the more sensitive option and will be a better choice for studio-based voice acting work. As demonstrated above, there are various bundles available that include a microphone that are very affordable, but even cheaper interface options are available. Acoustic Treatment Basics for Voice Over Studios, Portable Voice-Over Studio – What You Need to Know, 7 DOs and DON’Ts of working with agencies, An audio interface capable of running phantom power, At the higher end of the mid-priced microphones, at around £/$/€300-. Now,... Just in case you missed it, Voquent are a multilingual audio-visual production company specialising in voice over. There is one very good reason for that, and that reason is quality. Crafted to offer premium performance, at a reasonable price. Nearly there. What is the Best Microphones for Voice-Over? Neumann are a German manufacturer owned by Sennheiser, and you will be certain to find at least one of their microphones, or an historical variant such as the U47, in every high-end professional audio or music studio. The Blue Yeti Pro is probably the best USB mic for voice over. The quality of all these microphones is high enough for professional work, but as with most things, the more you spend the better it’ll generally be. Some microphones come with battery compartments to enable their use without phantom power, but these will always be usable with phantom power as well. The highest quality USB microphone is the Blue Yeti Pro Studio., although there is naturally much debate in the voice over and pro-audio communities as to whether the Sennheiser MK 4 digital or the Apogee MIC PLUS are actually better, with voice actor Ben Wake describing both of those as “the best USB mics you can get”. To go into anything more than a very... Howdy folks, it’s that time again – time for a haranguing article about audio stuff. These cheap microphones will be made with low quality parts and wiring, leading to interference from nearby electrical equipment and a poor signal-to-noise ratio, and will ultimately need replacing after a very short time. And what other equipment do you need for the best home studio setup? If you are just starting out as a casual voice artist, then going for a cheaper microphone will be plenty good enough, and won’t have a detrimental impact on your career. Privacy Policy & Cookies | All rights reserved. For example, this Focusrite Studio Bundle comes in at around £150 ($270/€205) all-in. There are a few obvious things you will need, and a few not so obvious things, so here’s a nice and easy list to reference. The Focusrite Scarlett Solo has a high quality pre-amp. Getting a USB microphone will usually be a compromise on quality, leading to an increase in background noise on your recordings and less sensitivity in picking up quiet sounds. Microphone technique is critically important for all voice-over work. Whilst it is possible to spend thousands of pounds on an extremely high quality studio microphone, such as the type used in a professional recording studio, it is not necessary to spend this much to achieve a professional quality sound. Gain is the term used for the input level of the microphone. The RØDE NT1-A, along with many of the other cheaper microphones, tend to have a ‘brighter’ sound, and may not sound as ‘warm’, and sometimes actively sound harsh, if you have a lighter, high pitched voice. You don’t want the audio editor to hate you, do... Alignment is a character categorisation first used in Dungeons & Dragons to loosely describe the ethical nature and moral... Voice Actors frequently ask the Voquent team for advice about the optimum home studio setup and the question –... As briefly touched upon in our wonderful, handsomely written blog about microphones – a digital interface is absolutely necessary for recording... Alex here, your trusty Voquent audio engineer. The price tag, inevitably, reflects this quality and prestige. USB or XLR? For low budget: the Behringer U-Phoria is often around £55 ($99/€68), and may find it for even less if you search secondhand. The most affordable Neumann microphone on the market is the Neumann TLM 102. The diaphragm, transformer and wiring of the AKG C214 will be the largely the same components as the 414, which as you will know by now, is a go-to classic studio microphone. What is the Best Microphone for Voice-Over? If you are reading this blog to try and work out which microphone to buy, you probably shouldn’t be dropping £2,000, or $3,000, or €2,500 on a U87. To fully explain what a pre-amp is would take far too long, but it is basically the thing that amplifies the signal from the microphone before playing it back through the output and/or converting it to a digital signal to send to the computer (via a DA converter). While this is more mid-budget overall, it is great value for the microphone and is worth considering. So we’ve asked our sound engineer and producer Alex to help. Powerful warm sound with vivid mids, detailed bass range - perfect for vocals. Portable Voice-Over Studio – What You Need To Know, Audio Branding Services – Giving Voice to Your Brand, How to Become a Voice Actor – The Voquent Community Speaks, 7 Ways to Make Video Content Accessible to Anyone, Best Practices for Live Directed Voice-Over Sessions, How To Hire a Voice Actor Online – The Definitive Guide, Buy-Outs and Usage Fees for Voice Over Explained, Now is the Time for All Performers to Set-Up a Home Recording Studio, 8 Ways to Create Audio Samples for your Voquent Profile. United Kingdom, Voquent ® is a registered trademark of Voquent Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (11041329). It is a very low current +48volt charge sent down the XLR cable from your interface to your microphone to power the internal electronics of the microphone. Inside all of these interfaces there is something called a pre-amp. What accessories do I need with a microphone? The sensitive A/D conversion is provided by high-end Apogee technology. Generally the cheapest option, and best value for money, is to get a bundle, like the aforementioned Focusrite Studio Bundle or the M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro II. Your entire team has grafted for weeks, months or even years.... BSF is an acronym which stands for either Basic Session Fee or Basic Studio Fee. These mid-range options can be a great choice if you are looking to pursue voice acting as a full-time career. Dynamic microphones are generally more robust, with the Shure SM58 being the most immediately recognizable example. I’ll keep this section short. [email protected], Voquent