This variant is the fixed roll from Curse of Osiris that comes with Backup Plan and balanced base stats. 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There are better options for PvE, but this weapon is criminally underrated in Gambit and even Crucible. Destiny 2 brought new weapon archetypes for players to experiment with. Fusion Rifles are the best counter! 5 Komodo-4fr There’s only a handful you can use, so let’s go over what the best linear fusion rifles are for PvE, PvP and Gambit in Destiny 2. Crooked Fang's Year 1 variant is easily the best Year 1 Linear Fusion in Destiny 2. While not the powerhouse it used to be, the Sleeper Simulant is still a solid Linear Fusion Rifle for PvE content. It’s also very handy in the PvE scenarios as well. All Linear Fusion Rifles pack a lot of punch in Destiny 2, but here are all of the available options in the game, ranked. Notorious for making Gambit a nightmare for a short timespan, The Queenbreaker Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle packs a serious punch with a short charge time. That’s all for our best linear fusion rifles in Destiny 2 for PvE, PvP, & Gambit in 2020. While snipers are generally still better to use because of the lack of charge time, Arbalest is still a pretty powerful weapon. Few weapons are as fun to wield as this one. If a player can land multiple ricochets on a target, this weapon can deal massive damage. It will clear most shields in one or two quick shots, and hits very hard on unshielded enemies crit spots. Graduating from Pikes Peak Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Science, Charles has spent his time dissecting popular video games, movies, and technology. With an understanding of games for as long as he can remember, Charles has a large interest in understanding what makes things fun. 8 Erentil FR4 Backup Plan might have been nerfed, but Erentil FR4 is still one of the best Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2. Crooked Fang's Year 1 variant is easily the best Year 1 Linear Fusion in Destiny 2. The Arbalest is currently the only linear fusion rifle that is not equipped in the Heavy slot; rather, it is in the Kinetic slot and consumes special ammo. Backup Plan allows this weapon to be holstered near-instantly while also decreasing its charge time. No it isn’t. Headshots are much easier to land at long range thanks to this perk, and Man o' War's base stats are higher than most Linear Fusions from Year 1 of Destiny 2. It instantly kills most Majors and Guardians on either mode, and its blinding effect is great for disabling tougher enemy's special attacks such as the Taken Captain's orb throw. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. If you hate Borealis and Hard Light because, well, they aren’t great weapons aside from the ability to change elements, then consider Arbalest instead. Unlike most exotics, Queenbreaker has perk options to choose from. Its high-impact frame makes it hit like a truck, albeit with a bit of a windup time. Nothing is more unique than the weapon class, Fusion Rifles. It’s an all around great linear fusion rifle in Gambit. Linear fusion rifles aren’t usually that great of an option in PvP as they are generally outclassed by sniper rifles, and most require power ammo. If it ever gets moved to the energy weapon slot, it could be a pretty decent linear fusion rifle option in Destiny 2 PvP. Ritual weapons offer perk combinations that are hard to find elsewhere, Komodo-4fr being a great example. List of appearances . Backup Plan allows this weapon to be holstered near-instantly while also decreasing its charge time. Opening Shot and Backup Plan can roll simultaneously, making instant kills in Crucible and Gambit a breeze. Crooked Fang-4fr is the only Linear Fusion that was brought forward in that expansion, and it really shows. With the right perks, it can actually better than the exotic linear fusion rifles such as Sleeper Simulant, especially when you factor in that you can use it while still using an exotic weapon slot on something else. Combined with its already high aim assist, it resembles a slightly weaker version of pre-nerf Queenbreaker that made invasions in Gambit a nightmare. Some Year 1 weapons made a return with random rolls, allowing these weapons to have two perks at once instead of one. Its low ammo reserves can be circumvented with Fusion Rifle ammo finder and Fusion Rifle scavenger perks. Its perk pool allows it to dominate in any game mode. Submachine Guns, Grenade Launchers, and Linear Fusion Rifles were all new additions to keep the sandbox interesting. There are just so many better power ammo weapon options in PvP such as Truth, Wardcliff Coil or The Colony. There are two versions of Crooked Fang-4fr. While weaker than many Heavy weapons, they fill a unique niche that most Heavies can't. Arbalest is in the kinetic slot and uses special ammo instead of power.