This annoying message will go away once you do. My "Budget" Meren build updated for 2019. r/CompetitiveEDH. The card draw section may seem a little lacking, but the deck makes up for it with plenty of tutors and recursion. Contact | 9 months ago. Feeds | Complete Comment Tutorial! Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord EDH 5 / 2 . It contains two of the best colors, lacking only Blue, and can quite literally answer almost anything your opponents throw at you. This list has a number of routes to start the combo line: Matches rarely go as planned in magic and Meren operates with a small yet brutal STAX package for our rainy days. This site is unaffiliated. Feb. 7, 2018, I Hate Torpor Orb — April 28, 2018, Got lands — TappedOut.js Blog Widget. Mox Diamon - fast mana that also transforms a land into a dual. a deck that ... Kenrith, the Returned King (CEDH PRIMER) 15C by EvilSlayer. This was the most exciting part about upgrading this deck for me personally, because I found that I could answer almost anything in the game (literally). After months testing my own modifications, I decided to write a primer on here. As the years went on, Meren slowly grew on me. Core 19, Modern Horizons, and Core 20 — Privacy statement | This list isn't hyper competitive or super casual, but it's honestly my favorite deck to play so I thought I'd spend some time writing a primer. Meren's Golgari Gang by DeRotto17. The goal here is to get Protean Hulk into play and send it to the graveyard, trigger the ability into our win. March 15, 2018, Trimming Fat — Our typical stax lines to victory look as follows: Meren also has engines to keep us ahead of the game in addition to being one herself: Protean Hulk dies fetching Melira, Sylvok Outcast, Lesser Masticore, Disciple of the Vault, sacrifice outlet (Carrion Feeder or Viscera Seer), and Dryand Arbor depending on the board state. Privacy statement | We have our primary path to victory which is a number of hulk lines to our combo. Nooze combo - Amazing very early game, not usable late game. Commander / EDH Top Commander / EDH Primer decks November 24th. Great endstep play This will be a basic primer detailing how the deck functions and discussing almost each individual card choice. Help | This deck started from the pre-constructed deck and eventually became my pet project. If you can't draw what you need, just go get it straight out of the deck. Control Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Feb. 9, 2019, Staples are Good Cards — Liesa, Angel of Punishment [PRIMER] by S a n t i a g o 1 0 1 1. This annoying message will go away once you do! Black can deal with creatures, and Green can deal with pretty much anything else. However, the deck also has access to powerful built-in disruption. Feb. 9, 2019, Better lands — log in sign up. Feeds | DMCA requests | If you need a way to really win, there are two ways to do so easily. She comes down early and is high-impact even with few experience counters. Complete Comment Tutorial! Other people can view your private deck by using this url, edh, Graveyarding, Golgari - EDH, Reference decks, Interesting Commander Decks, Commander Decks, Ideas, Reference, Cool Decks, EDH Decks for Reference, EDH, Deckstoreviewv2, Decks to look at, Sidisi Reanimator, Commander/EDH, Meren, EDH Decks I Own, Deck Ideas, make it, EDH, Commander, Excellent Primer, Saved Decks, EDH Decks, Primer, Dope Commander Decks, Meren, Primers only, EDH Ideas, Inspirace, Commander stuff, Stealing Other People's Ideas: Commander, Inspiration, EDH, Ideas, Cool Decks, neat decks, Commander, Bookmarks, Ideas, Decks of Interest, Golgari Commander, EDH - Someone Else's Deck, Premade Deck Fix Ideas, dope as hell, Good ideas, Meren, andere Decks mit coolen karten, Community Decks to Build, Decks, Meren Decks (Not Mine), Deck Ideas, EDH, Meren, EDH Inspirienc, Must Build, Need to build, Commander Decks, Meren - Golgari, Test, Primers, Meren of Clan Nel Toth, Primers, Seems there are no cards in the Acquireboard.