Quick Way to Drive Sales: There is an obvious reason why businesses use discounts. 1. Running a sales promotion as a business owner might seem like a natural way to increase sales and improve your bottom line. There are some pros cons to using this marketing technique as well.‍ You have more control over your working hours. get custom paper. Written by: Luke Arthur. Pros and cons: Sales Promotion - PHDessay.com. Pros. McMillan Digital Art/Photodisc/Getty Images. Although you’re essentially on the clock wherever you go in the community, the actual time at your office is something you can typically control in a sales … Attract New Customers: A worthwhile discount can get some heads turned. Direct Sales‍ When it comes to direct sales or direct marketing, this is the process of sending out catalogs, mailers or creating ads that go directly to customers. (2 months ago) Title: sales promotion pros and cons 1 sales promotion pros and cons Please fill out the blanks. 30% off Offer Details: From major pros, it is worth noting the possibility to increase customer’s awareness and loyalty to your store as well as boost its sales and the overall visibility of a brand.The major cons are the possibility of slack in demand on the market for some goods with rebates and, therefore, lose in profits for a company. Written on: July 14, 2020. They’re effective! PROS: Being in sales and managing your territory is like running your own small business while having the support and financial backing from an organization. 6 Price-based Sales Promotion Methods: Pros and Cons. This strategy is effective because the sales person is able to meet the customer and personally discuss the features and attributes of the product. CODES (20 days ago) Pros and cons: Sales Promotion just from $13,9 / page. Refer to the examples. Customers like a good deal for their money and it is a quick way to get your sales up. A sales career can provide you with the entrepreneurship and creativity of running your territory as a business where you are the CEO, marketing, sales and operations person. With so many people and businesses using the internet, you can also use social media in the sales process. Here are the pros and cons of a sales job to consider before applying for your first position. The Pros of a Sales Job. The Pros & Cons Of Using Coupons For ... JC Penney tried to break consumers of the coupon habit in 2012 and quickly saw a 23% drop in sales for the ... (For more tips on driving sales… Cons Pros Sampling 1 8, 9 1, 2 Couponing 7, 9 Premiums 1 6, 10 Price-off 4 2, 10 Bonus pack 3, 10 3 Event 5 1, 5 Loyalty Program 4, 5 6 2 sales promotion pros and cons Examples Pros Cons 1. Pros & cons of sales promotion.