Makes 14 Pies. There’s just one problem: Sadly, our ancestors didn’t know the wonders of dessert. Making the ultimate banana cream pie recipe sounds quite intimidating, but only to the taste testers who didn’t make this It’s truly quite easy, and I’m going to walk you through how!. I love this recipe for Perfect Paleo Pie Crust from Holy Grail Status. I found a monk fruit sweetener that is 100% PURE, no fillers/additives/junk added. 30g refined coconut Oil. Yasssssss!! And unlike traditional hand pies, our carb-conscious and Paleo-friendly option contains: 275 Calories; 4 Net Carbs; 3 g Fiber ; 4 g Protein; What's more, we offer a d airy-free option and you can bring this delicious treat to your table for j ust $1.40 per flaky and delicious hand pie! Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Summer time is perfect for desserts with juicy fruits and berries! Whip up a batch of pie crust the night before and you’ll be ready to jump right in. Mince Ingredients. 2 eggs. With the focus on high-quality meats and fresh fruits and vegetables, Paleo diet recipes, which mimic what our ancestors ate thousands of years ago, provide a terrific way of eating for people struggling with gluten or eliminating processed foods. That’s why our Vegan Grain-Free Pie Crust doubles as the base for a delicious crumble topping on our Paleo Fruit Crumble Tartlets. So, just in time, here’s a roundup of delicious and Paleo Fruit Desserts – tarts, pies, cupcakes, ice creams, you name it! Tips & tricks for making Paleo Banana Cream Pie. In keeping with this theme, we’re including two filling options in this recipe: blueberry cherry and blueberry nectarine. 200g dried mixed fruit. Paleo apple pie is much easier to make than you’d think when you fill a reliable grain free and low carb crust with three kinds of apples, warm cinnamon, and rich coconut sugar, and top it all with a thick layer of luscious crumb topping!Finish it with a dollop of ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.No one will believe this apple pie recipe is gluten free, grain free, and dairy free! And it’s 100% KETO/low-carb (zero glycemic) Vegan AND Paleo. Lakanto brand Monk Fruit Extract! It comes in this tiny little jar, but that jar has over FOUR HUNDRED servings (!!). Pastry. Here’s the Fruit Mince Pie Recipe… Ingredients. It makes sense as there’s a whole bunch of awesome fruits in season such as apples, blueberries, cherries, mangoes, peaches, strawberries, and more! And you could make a paleo pie crust and line the jars with it like I did with my Mason Jar Apple Pies. It’s plant based and all natural, ONE INGREDIENT. Keep reading to learn more and get the recipe… THE HISTORY OF HOT, HANDHELD BAKERY TREATS. 300g almond meal. The paleo crumb topping on these peach pies is made of a mixture of almond flour, grass-fed butter, raw almonds, sea salt, coconut, maple syrup and spices. 4 tablespoons of rapadura or coconut sugar (optional – will make pastry more of a faff, I usually leave it out) Zest of one orange.