Toothed leaves crowd near the top of somewhat fleshy, 6 in., erect stems. Pachysandra is a maintenance-free ground cover that is one of the most popular ground covers. It is a low perennial, spreading with long rhizomes. Green Carpet Pachysandra has fragrant white flowers that appear briefly in April and are followed by a second-story layering of fresh, spring-green leaves. Evergreen in warmer climates. Blooms are small, 1"-2" white spikes in late Spring. Has 3 inch ovate shaped leaves that come out bright green and then become darker and mottled later in the season. Pachysandra, commonly called Japanese Spurge, is a highly attractive and extremely popular shade-loving evergreen ground cover that spreads quickly by rhizomes to form patches or a solid groundcover. Rich green, 1½" -4" leaves are veined and lightly toothed at the ends. Pachysandra prefers well drained, organically rich, loamy soil. Excellent ground cover for the shade. Flowers appear in the spring but are very inconspicuous; it is more notable for its foliage. Morning sun in … Pachysandra terminalis is an evergreen ground cover spreading quickly by underground rhizomes. In spring, spikes covered in small, subtly sweet white flowers rise … Pachysandra procumbens (Allegheny Pachysandra or Allegheny Spurge) is an attractive native, semi-deciduous ground cover in the boxwood family (Buxaceae), native to southeast United States from West Virginia and Kentucky south to Florida.. Shade, Rich Soil, Spring, 3 … It is an excellent ground cover for shady and problem areas as it grows in any soil and is one of the few ground covers that will grow under pine trees.Pachysandra will transform your otherwise bare and ugly ground areas into attractive year-round cover. Green Carpet Pachysandra's deep shade of green provides a denser darker look than its relative Green Sheen Pachysandra.