More choice is a good thing and the similarities between the Omega and a time honored and tested bridge are striking! I have one of each and the Omega seems just as good and much cheaper. Yes, definitely carry them. I am interested in one of these for sure. I also like the price of the omega a bit better. Looks like a clone of the BadAss II from where I’m sitting.. As for “full contact” bridges – that really would only matter if the loads on the bridge metal were extremely high, but they aren’t; about .02 square inches of metal to metal contact are all that is actually needed. I like a large chunk o metal as a bridge, good for sustain. It makes a bass feel better for aggressive playing. All that said, I still don’t feel that high mass bridges make a difference other than adding weight and looking really cool!!! Does BBG carry the Omega bridge? I think it’s actually a nice feature. We’re starting off this article showing the weight of the Omega bridge just to give you an idea of how closely matched the Omega total weight is to the Badass II (less than a 5g difference between the two.) I think it would be a great seller for you guys. Yes totally, the Badass was the standard for bass replacement bridge on Fender and Squier so the market for it is big! But the Omega & Hipshot Kickasses are great alternatives.. what about the old kramer 19770s and 80s vintage basses do any of the bridges fit those? Sure, I’d buy the Omega for my Precision Plus…, I’ve used Badass bridges in the past and they were good for their time, but now I prefer Hipshot A bridges. I can see from many other responses that people are just hung up on what the thing looks like vs. the actual sound (or lack of) it produces. I would buy an Omega in a heartbeat—-I have two P-basses with the Badass Bass II and I love them. I have 30 basses. They’re nearly identical…of course it’s a worthy substitute!! My Gretsch hollow body has a modified Bigsby tremolo and the remaining 5 has the new Omega bass bridge. beyond classic, and solid as a rock. Available as single detuners or as a set with tuning keys and a detuner for the lowest string. I like the smaller footprint of this one but can not locate a screw spacing diagram for the Omega to see if it has the correct spacing. Having the two inches of intonation area is a godsend for those of us who play in alternative dropped tunings. If you want that Leo Quan look and the benefits of a heavier mass bridge, at the price I paid for it, I don’t see how you could go wrong. I don’t have any experience with it, but I would consider trying it vs. the Badass. No, but we might based on your input. I think so. I have a 62 p in butterscotch. Git ‘ em in bubba… I got a Yamahammer in need of some heavy metals… I think it would be a natural edition to your lineup. or the Babicz FCH also 130-140…. Kennebunk, Maine 04043. The start of the electronics journey of improving the tone on your bass. While there are better alternatives now, and the tonal qualities of the BAII are probably dubious at best, it’s a legacy that should be carried on. I’ve got a ’79 MC924 that desperately needs a new BAII, and this stems to be the deal sealer! installed a badass in 79 on my 69 p-bass. Unslotted saddles. If the metal is good quality, YES! 1 has the original Kahler tremolo bridge. In a word…Hipshot A!!! I’ve tried the others on this thread and the badass is the only bridge I trust and the one that sounds best for me. I just wish they would also produce a Badass version 1 also. It depends on the price point. I mean really every bass player wants an Alembic but the financial advisers don’t look too highly upon most of us & 4-5 grand is hard to find just lying around.. Specially if the price is right…. The Badass II has, in my opinion, a pretty well-deserved place in bass replacement part history. So on my last retrofit I tried the Hipshot A bridge. Therefore, Omega had to make some revisions to their bridges so its not a copy exactly . Anyone know what the string to string measurement is? I think both the badass and omega are great bridges, but most of the appeal of the original was that it said “badass”! I’m building a MIM Jazz Bass which I’m loading Bassline 1/4 pounders into and I plan on buying the Omega Bridge as well to finish it off. The 5 String Bridge Finish is similar to that of the 4 String Bridge. Very impressive…well made, designed for top mount or through the body. I think it was around $70.00. 1 to 1 copy. Actually, it doesn’t effect the tension at all. Now if they would make the thing with Brass I’d love it even more. for spec . The Omega Bass bridge is a replacement bridge option for Fender 4 String bass guitars that have 5 hole mounting pattern. The Omega is a high-density, precision-made, bridge tooled from die-cast zinc. Since the BA-II is no longer available, the Omega bridge looks like a suitable replacement. I have the BA-II on both my Fender Jazz basses. What we need to know from you, the bass enthusiast, is the answer to this question: Is the Badass II loved enough that the Omega would be a worthy successor? Omega has engineered their version as close as permissible, meaning , like everything else that is a design and fabricated most likely has a patent or patent pending. Definitely worthy. HURRY..HUBBA..HUBBA!!!