Mai 2004 geltenden Laufbahnstruktur (im Folgenden ' alte Laufbahnstruktur') und einer durchschnittlichen Laufbahn in der Laufbahnstruktur ab dem 1. Merit definition, claim to respect and praise; excellence; worth. zur Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit mit den Ländern, aus denen die Ströme der Einwanderer kommen oder die sie passieren, und deren Einbindung in diesen Kampf in Frage zu stellen. In order further to ensure the highest level of expertise and experience in the Administrative Board and with a view to involving the sectors most closely concerned in the tasks of the Agency, the Commission should nominate independent professionals from these sectors as board members. Hinsichtlich der praktischen Anwendung des internationalen Seerechts. Merit was no longer merely a product of ritual, but was invested with an ethical meaning and role. successful candidates listed alphabetically within each merit group. As such, Her Catholic Majesty' s claims of ownership. The meaning of “totally without merit” The Court in Wasif confirmed that “totally without merit” means “no more and no less than ‘ bound to fail ‘”. evidence, that growth promoters constitute an unnatural and unacceptable. Without a physical base. As such, Her Catholic Majesty' s claims of ownership have no merit. n. 1. a. Any stories or rumors you've heard about cadet Stansbury's involvement in this incident, As such, Her Catholic Majesty's claims of ownership. The great merit [=advantage, strength] of this plan is its simplicity. OpenSubtitles. position on the fight against illegal immigration, without, however, undermining the commitments on development and cooperation we have given to the countries of origin or of transit of migratory flows and their involvement in this fight. Amendment 185 introduces into Article 4.1 an alternative way of referring to the deadline of 2010 for complying with the environmental objectives without changing that, A photographic work within the meaning of the Berne Convention is to be considered original if it, is the author's own intellectual creation reflecting, Im Sinne der Berner Übereinkunft ist ein fotografisches Werk als ein individuelles Werk zu betrachten, wenn es die eigene geistige Schöpfung des Urhebers. Mai 2004 geltenden Beamtenstatuts lautet: "Um die Äquivalenz zwischen einer durchschnittlichen Laufbahn in der vor dem 1. It's difficult to judge the merits of her proposal. der alten Bundesregierung ins Leben gerufen und unter der neuen fortgesetzt, bemüht man sich von Berlin aus, Pilotprojekte zu initiieren, die nach britischem Vorbild funktionieren. Sollte nicht mit orangener Vokabel zusammengefasst werden. There is also the related term "totally without merit", which essentially is the same as "hopeless." Mai 2004 (im Folgenden. Unlike merit employees, nonmerit employees do not have full grievance protection. merit meaning, definition, what is merit: an advantage or good feature of somethin...: Learn more. Define merits. Für sein Studium in Deutschland hat ihm der. but irrespective of his achievements abroad, he had to finish the entire designated curriculum of his programme. in the regional press, this one has taken on national significance. groundless. Synonyms for of no merit include lightweight, trivial, insignificant, shallow, slight, trifling, unimportant, inconsequential, insubstantial and paltry. operational implementation of the international law of. and intends to defend the cases vigorously. (PT) The Seville Summit focused on three main issues: firstly, the approval of a set of measures on the organisation of the European Council and the Council which, without affecting the principle of equality between Member States, will enable these bodies to function better and more effectively; secondly, the positive confirmation of the timetable laid down for the conclusion of negotiations with the candidate countries that will join the European, Union in the first wave, whilst respecting the.