Preheat oven to 400°F. We’re due to win a journalism award any day now…. I have started purchasing Tombstone when I don't feel like delivery and my family has been happy. Interesting. Old news is better than no news! Having been to Chicago and eaten Chicago-style thin crust, we can tell you that this pizza is not modeled after Chicago thin crust pizza at all. Hi my name Davey Hughes I’m sure the intention was to add some effect, but it would have worked better if this was an audio or av review. All of the Screamin’ Sicilians I’ve tried had the same amount of toppings as these Roadhouses. The pepperoni is pretty good. The package design typically includes images of a cactus and the pizza. Any lower on the racks the toppings ,cheese and insides don't get cooked enough while the bottom crust will overcook and curl up like a taco. Nothing remarkable, but they are certainly not bad. The only resemblance to a “tavern style” pizza we see is that the slices are cut into squares in the pictures on the packages. Again, it doesn’t touch the counter evenly. Per 1/4 pizza: 350 calories. Actually Tombstone is one of the better frozen pizzas as long as its cooked correctly. Notice that the crust is different than regular Tombstone. I followed the directions exactly, but Tombstone didn't follow up on its reputation. We love frozen pizza in our house! ), but we would say they are about as big around as the regular ones. For one thing, the edges of the pizza curled up while in the oven and did not flatten out after the suggested standing time (five minutes). But I think it better you get pizza when it on sale caus it a little pricy Yum mm I do like to eat the Tombstone Tombstone Pizza and so do my partner Jock We move at a sloth’s pace. Chatham IL. No complaints here. We think of a Patrick Swayze movie, not pizza, when we think of the word “roadhouse!”. There are four Roadhouse pizzas available: Piled High Pepperoni, Two Meat Matchup, Double Down Deluxe, and Bring On The Meat. There is certainly a lot more cheese on this pizza than normal ones. But you already know that. There is always a decent amount of toppings and the crust bakes up perfectly for me. Made with 100% real cheese. 29. We don’t see any difference from regular Tombstone pizzas. I was very surprised to see this pizza have so many bad reviews. My husband purchased this frozen pizza when it came on sale. I primarily purchase the pepperoni pizza, which has lots of pepperoni slices, but also chunks of pepperoni in the sauce. For a long time, Tombstone was our favorite frozen pizza. Preservative free crust. This is simply a marketing technique. I am writing this review in the hopes of saving some poor soul from investing in such a poor product. “…50% more cheese compared to our original pizzas!” Well, sooper dooper! The flavour was so simulated, I really didn't know what I was eating. Sure, there is more cheese. I had the two meat matchup and thought this was the best nationally distributed frozen pizza I ever had. Finish it up under the broiler for a bit to brown the top nicely. We can eat the whole damn pizza! I especially like the plain cheese variety and my husband likes the Supreme! The price is reasonable for a frozen pizza. Bake pizza for 17 to 19 minutes or until cheese is melted and edges are golden brown. Settings may be different depending on sea levels and climates. Just buy a regular Tombstone, and pile on your own shredded mozzarella. We even tried gluten-free vegan pie. I like it so much after trying it last week, that I purchased two more today. That's nearly **1600 calories**! You had a great product, now it is not acceptable!!!!! Like we said, there is enough to completely cover the toppings. What the hell is this? The sausage has visible fennel, but it isn’t a very strong taste. The sauce is standard Tombstone sauce. The pizza is good, but it just isn’t worth the extra money. Definatley better than some of the larger more well known brands like Digiorno or other brands. Your email address will not be published. Most of the information is accurate, but I differ on the taste review. Place pizza directly on center oven rack position (6 to 8 inches from bottom of oven). All I can say is, the savings isn't worth the sick stomach you get long after you've eaten it! “Tavern style” can also refer to Chicago-style thin crust pizza (yes, it’s a thing!). We went and bought one, took it out of the package (HO HO! ” in reviews “ i love frozen pizzas and remember a commercial about this from my childhood.. still one of my favorite frozen pizzas ” in reviews So, if you bake it for 14 or 15 minutes, enough to get the crust mostly browned, and then turn the oven to broil, without raising the pizza closer to the top, and bake it an addition 3 to 4 minutes, the pizza will begin to flatten out again. An authentic tavern style pizza. Or something. This is a good time to remind you that these are called “tavern style” pizzas (at least they are on the website, not on the packaging!). Since 1962. ... this is a damn good pizza. I buy tombstone pizza quite often and it's always pretty good. The Tombstone Supreme original is your basic frozen pizza, but I would argue that its sauce is better than most frozen pizzas I've tried. OK.  Look, we don’t want to dog on Tombstone. again! Blame booze. El Presidente 3/23/2020 10:00 PM. Cooking Directions: Preheat oven to 400°F. One night a week we have a pizza night and my son always ask if we can cook a Tombstone pizza rather than to order the greesy stuff from a resteraunt:-) You will never even know its from the frozen department in the grocery stores:-). Find out which brand is tops overall and … Fewd Snobs April 15, 2015 1 Comment. Check out the details here. So pissed off with this. This is part of why we hesitated to review these pizzas. The directions say to cook the pizza for 24-25 minutes. Tombstone has the best taste and cooks great! The flavor of the crust is good, but in reality, it is pretty much the same as a regular Tombstone all the way around. “Fully loaded with cheese and meat.” So, does that mean that regular Tombstone pies only have half cheese and meat, and aren’t loaded? In comparison, these Roadhouse pizzas aren’t worth the price increase over regular Tombstones. That said, the bottom crust isn’t ridiculously thin. Tombstone's packaging was the most minimal of all the brands. ), and here you go…. Nunzio's Pizzeria & Restaurant; De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies; Papa's Tomato Pies; Vino's Pizza; Angelo's Pizzeria; 3 Comments. The pepperoni pizza good to the last slice Review: Smirnoff Ice Electric Berry (New), Review: Subway $5 Soup & Mini Sub Combo (Limited Time Only), Fewd Bite: Claussen Hearty Garlic Sandwich Pickles. The sauce is okay (sometimes too saucy for my liking) but could stand to be a tiny bit sweeter rather than spicier/acidic. Following the cooking instructions will give give you a crisp, cracker-like crust and gooey layer of melted cheese. While the the … There are plenty of toppings, but they are under the cheese in many parts. They are higher in the regular grocery store. There is some frozen pizza that's a little bit better, but it's a lot more expensive then tombstone.