Try to make yours at home, but be aware that our actual ODEON cheese sauce is a closely guarded recipe, so results may vary! The sauce is absolutely awesome with veggies, french fries, Doritos (tortilla chips), soft pretzels, and nachos! Serve the nacho cheese sauce on top of your burger – why not try crumbling some … Sign In to Add to Cart × Warning. Nacho cheese sauce originated from Coahuila in Northern Mexico where a chef, Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya made it for the first time in 1943 by using just Tortillas and Cheese for a group of soldier wives. This cheese may be a bit spicy for some due to the Jalapeno peppers but its mild. Ok, maybe not really, but it’s definitely going to be the highlight of your meal! Sign … butter Features - Just Heat Sauce & Pour or Dip - Large Size Perfect for Parties or Events - Suitable for Professional Chefs & Restaurants. How to make nacho cheese sauce . What you’ll need: 2 cups of full fat cream; 1 ½ cup of grated cheddar cheese; 2 tbsp. Nacho cheese sauce is so stinkin’ delicious and here at ODEON we are proud of the success of our special recipe. Next, roughly chop the chillies into small pieces and stir them into the cheese sauce. Rico's Gourmet Nacho Cheese Sauce, 3kg. Item # 314216. 5 minute nacho cheese sauce – the answer to pretty much every problem you’ve ever had. Place the cheese slices in a pan with the milk and cook on a low heat until all the cheese has melted. This Nacho Cheese sauce recipe is one of my favorite. £0.23 per 100g. Ideal served with tortilla chips, or over nachos – but I could totally get down with drizzling it over roasted vegetables or just about anything. Grocery Delivery Rico's Gourmet Nacho Cheese Sauce, 3kg. £6.69. This would be great for a Nacho party This cheese can also be used to make Chilli cheese fries or cheese fries (over chips/French fries), cheese nachos, To use as a different cheese for taco's or burritos and can be used over other foods as well. PLEASE PICK ONE OPTION BEFORE CLICKING "ADD TO CART" ANONYMOUS. Item # 314216.