Mozart wrote some of the most beautiful pieces ever written. This is a test, but it can be used as a worksheet. About This Quiz & Worksheet. Mozart Biography. Mozart´s biography. Kids can learn a little about Mozart and enjoy our collection of colouring pages and printable activities, including worksheet, writing page, notebooking pages and "learn to draw Mozart" tutorial. There are 4 questions … Build Reading Skills. Mozart's Early Life: Mozart's father, Leopold, was a musician. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27 January 1756 – 5 December 1791) was one of the most influential, popular and prolific composers of the classical period. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756 to 1791, was a child prodigy and prolific composer, composing over 600 works in his short lifetime. The life of the brilliant composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was not without difficulty. Quick Facts Name Wolfgang Mozart Birth Date January 27, 1756 Death Date December 5, 1791 Place of Birth Salzburg, Austria Place of Death Vienna, Austria It has different contents such as used to, connectors, personal information and personality traits. Oct 15, 2015 - This sheet includes an outlined picture of Mozart that students can color if you wish. Build reading skills with a free printable Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart word search worksheet. Let your students know how many words there are to find and then ask them to complete the word search by identifying and circling the keywords found in the printable biography.. Search Words About this Product: Great for literacy class, homework, reading, writing and Social Studies. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (born in Salzburg, Austria, on January 27, 1756 - died in Vienna, Austria, on December 5, 1791) was a great composer. It also contains four short paragraphs summarizing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life and musical career, and a few examples of famous pieces.