4. Let us throw away confused and indeterminate notions of happiness, and it must be admitted that happiness consists in every faculty having its proper object. The law of love is superior because exhaustive. When we speak of a man as conscientious, we do not mean that conscience is the only feeling that rises up and acts, but that it so distributes itself through the mind that every other feeling which comes in acts conscientiously. (2) For zeal about duties — in every duty you take in hand, endeavour to do it above your strength.V. The methods which infinite wisdom hath employed to cultivate it in our minds. But can we think about God's love and not feel ever present, as an element in it, the working of the infinite mind as well as of the perfect heart? Annesley, D. D.)Love the fulfilling of the lawH. And where, in all this eagerness to learn or gain distinctions, where is the education which all our life long should be bringing nearer to the heart the truths of the unseen world? (2)Set immediately upon the practice of those things which you shall be convinced to be your duty.2. And what this variation may seem to say to us is this: Apart from all metaphysical and psychological distinctions, whatever terms will best convey to you a description of all the powers, faculties, and capacities which can in any way be affected by love, let them be adopted and employed in exhibiting the nature and extent of the love that you owe to God. That creatures may be loved according to that degree of goodness which God hath communicated to them, not for themselves, but for God, who " made all things for Himself" (Proverbs 16:4).3. Love must be a disposition, our natural equilibrium and rest. THE LAWFULNESS OF A MAN'S LOVING HIMSELF. If such a love seem unattainable, it is not the less to be proposed as the standard at which we should aim. To that end every true teacher must devote himself, and not count his work fairly begun till that is gained. It is true that we can learn to love; the heart can overcome nature. WHAT IS THE CONDITION IN WHICH THIS STATE OF MIND IS TO EXIST? If you take care of that, everything else will take care of itself. Social education keeps back the arm. We have here an explicit revelation of the true nature of religion, about which the whole world has been in so much dispute. Upon the account of the influence it hath upon all the parts and duties of religion, which have all their worth and acceptance entirely from it.4. This is the true test of the sincerity of those feelings, and the soundness of those convictions. We simply mean that there is a given mode of activity; that the reason and the affections act in a certain fine way; that they act with a particular quality which we call cultivation. Its sublimity.II. Love to God ennobles all other graces.3. Love must be a disposition, our natural equilibrium and rest. The second, his duty to himself and his fellows.III. W. Beecher.There is not a daisy that was not organized to be a daisy, but I should like to see one that did not have the sun to help it up from the seed I there is not an aster that was not organized to be an aster, but where is there one that grew independent of the sun? Annesley, D. D.Love to God is the most excellent of all graces (1 Corinthians 13:13). Its definition. No doubt men's minds differ from one another exceedingly in their capacity of affection. of our love to God is for our highest love of everything to be hatred in comparison of our love to God.5. )Love of neighbour man's second dutyArchbishop Secker.Our neighbour signifies in Scripture, and not seldom in heathen writers, every person who is placed within our reach and influence. Our speeches (Titus 3:2).3. Is it enough that a man should do to others as he would wish them to do to him? So ought we to endeavour to do others good (1 Peter 4:10).II. (1) This Divine love is not at all in the unregenerate, unless only in show and imitation. The law of love is superior because exhaustive.3. The positive, whereas the old law was negative. Love to God rectifieth all other loves, and brings them in due bounds.4. To be of the right sort, our love for God must be an active moving principle and power, which so determines our thoughts, words, and works, that God in all things may be glorified in us through Jesus Christ our Lord, and we ourselves, as it were, may be absorbed into that glory.(J. Whatsoever we love, we give it a kind of dominion over us, so that the will loseth its dignity and excellency when it loves inferior things; we are, as it were, married to that we love. (3) Love to God is the only self-emptying and satisfying grace. The same sanction and punishment of the violation.4. W. Beecher.If one were sent to take care of the poor, miserable, wounded soldiers lying in the plague-stricken hospitals on the plain of Solferino, he would say to himself, "Money would not hire me to do it, but I must do it because it is my duty.