Madonna and Child with the Book is an artwork on USEUM. Madonna and child with the book, The Madonna and Child is a painting finished c. by the Italian High Renaissance painter Raphael. “Madonna and Child with the Book” by Raphael depicts a pyramidal composition of the Madonna and Child. It’s a gorgeous image that I love for so many different reasons! View in Augmented Reality. It was created by Raphael in 1503. Madonna and Child with the Book. Madonna and Child with the Book Artist Raphael Year 1503 Medium Oil on wood Location Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena Dimensions 22 in × 18 in 55 cm × 45 cm Famous Paintings by Raphael School of Athens … Raphael’s Madonna and Child with the Book from 1502-3 has all of the aspects of High Renaissance style, being marked by balance, proportion of forms and idealized expression. Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan, Italy. The inscription in the book introduces the Nones, which is recited daily by all monastic communities. Sforzesco Castle Milan, Italy. Fitting in Time for God. The book is in the center of the frame, which is emphasized by the touching hands that hold it. Language; Watch; Edit; The Madonna and Child is a painting finished c. 1503 by the Italian High Renaissance painter Raphael. Log in to USEUM to download unlimited free images, send e-cards and interact with thousands of famous paintings, drawings and illustrations. Description. The Madonna with Child (known as Madonna of the book) Vincenzo Foppa 1475 approx. The Madonna of the Book is a soft and elegant work, in which Mary and the Child are seated by a window in the corner of a room. In this intense little masterpiece by Vincenzo Foppa, made for private devotion, the figures of the Virgin and Child, by illusion, appear to be looking out of the gilded frame. It is housed in the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California. She holds a Book of Hours, the Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis, prayer books for laymen common in the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries.The infant is gazing at his mother whilst she is absorbed in reading the book. The arch of Madonna’s silhouette encloses the figure of the Child. It is housed in the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena., Madonna & Child with the Book by Raphael – History of the Painting The pyramid shape of the Virgin Mary’s arms and head encloses the Christ child and signifies protection and nurture. Virgin and Child (Madonna and the Book), by Sandro Botticelli, c. 1480. painting by Raphael (Museum: Norton Simon Museum).

A complimentary copy of the published material must be provided to the Norton Simon Museum.Images may be protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. For one, it recalls back to so many of the Annunciation pictures.