launch options (Epic games launcher) steam has separate ones (Epic Games launch options: -high -USEALLAVAILABLECORES ) -NOTEXTURESTREAMING - this may help some people I found it doesn't help me personally though, Nvidia/AMD Control panel settings (Tuning settings to high performance) you should have this always done for all games (Highly recommended). You name it! DX12- More fps can cause crashes only usable by newer cards (RTX-AMD new), DX11 provides less fps but is usable by everyone and provides yet lower frames but more consistent (No hard dips like DX12 can sometimes do). a 9700k and 2070 super. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. and back at the start of the year i tried that aswell, and got not a single improvement in perf even when going to 1080p fking low (dips to sub 60 fps and generally not the eprf a borderlands game should have with whatever settings) details and that on i.a. You want to put the rest on LOW/OFF as most of them are FPS killers. That gives us quite a bit of room to play with when it comes to getting the best settings for Borderlands 3, especially when it comes to getting it running on lower-end PCs. Borderlands 3 offers a fairly impressive set of user configurable settings in-game. If you have a less hz screen then 144+ you should feel perfectly smooth using these settings, If you do use 144hz or higher these settings provide a great experience along side the FPS Boost/Stutter fix guide you will not get any noticeable stutters or massive FPS Drops and you'll be smooth during roaming and fights will be more manageable as it sits near 110-120 mark all the time. Ive included a small part about how you could downscale if you don't meet the minimal requirements. Character detail :Medium. Anisatropic Trillnear (I notice around 5-10 frame drops during fight with this setting on 2x-4x or higher). Click the Settings. These settings reduce stutters/eliminate them as well a provide a boost in frames along side the settings I provided. They may have updated the game or DX12 for the game I remember trying it back in December and getting less frames though my specs were 1070 i7-8700 so I upgraded tryed the game again in DX11 I get around 90 frames max with stuttering unless I don't apply the fixes above.On my 2070 Super I noticed a different straight away when I switched to DX12 its not perfect there are still stutters but not game breaking ones you can still fire in them which is a bonus thanks to the settings I used. I also recommend leaving your fps limit at 200 as it allowed mine to work better (I capped it at 144 which I never reached I got around 110-130 at most then I changed it to 200 and managed to get 170 on average (then I toggled some visual settings to make the game look nice) and now I play within the 140 mark often with highs of 150 (more then playable) and then worst it come to is 110 which it doesn't stay for very long. UPDATED SETTINGS: 29/07/2020. So adding that towards the other FPS readings you'll always be over 100 frames now. … I can also get 140 frames on Sanctuary which is great improvement. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Lower if your rig barely fits minimal requirements. I suspect this won't help on slower machines, because this is reliant on RAM and VRAM. Here's a more user friendly and simplified solution for fixing stutter and improving overall FPS. This will have the game load all the textures into memory at the beginning of the level, it means a much longer load time, however I feel its worth it. Click the Borderlands 3 on MANAGE GAMES section. Ingame settings/information. I see your CPU is far more superior so you may even get better results. Uses a handful of these settings my fps increased by 50 and eliminated stutters completely for me. AMD can scrape by a little better. Is the UI still utterly broken on Ultrawide? AA: FX. In the Advanced tab of Borderlands 3’s Visuals menu, you’ll find six different graphics presets: Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Ultra and Badass.