Protect your love. or "leave! In … Dodi-Beloved So the next time you sing lecha dodi, go outside (if it is feasible and safe to do so), and greet the Sabbath bride as a Queen! The Lecha Dodi is poetry based on quotes of the Bible and Talmud arranged in such a way that it leaves one with a sense of the lost and found element – … Lecha dodi likrat kala, Pene Shabat Nekabela. Just as the Hatan enjoys pleasures all seven days of the wedding, “Lecha Dodi” is well known for its mystical rhythm and symbolic lyrics. As in: Lecha-Go. Sefer HaPeliah I 36b. In Lecha Dodi, we start with shamor, with guarding. Just as the Kallah arrives before the Hatan, dressed beautifully, with jewelry and perfume, So Shabbat arrives before Israel dressed beautifully with jewelry…. Lech-Lecha, Lekh-Lekha, or Lech-L'cha (לֶךְ-לְךָ ‎ leḵ-ləḵā — Hebrew for "go!" All video rentals use streaming services which may be blocked by your internet filter LECHA DODI (2) is on HebrewSongs. לכה דודי (Lecha Dodi) (English translation) Artist: Moshe Peretz (משה פרץ) Featuring artist: Shlomi Shabat , Lior Narkis , Dudu Aharon , Benaia Barabi , Ya'akov Shwekey , Akiva , … They require effort at ensuring that the other person is always a priority. Motty Steinmetz (Hebrew: מוטי שטיינמץ) is a contemporary Chassidic singer. Could you break the translation down word for word. To learn more about “Lecha Dodi,” its symbolism, and its history, then keep reading! Lekhah Dodi (Hebrew: לכה דודי ‎; also transliterated as Lecha Dodi, L'chah Dodi, Lekah Dodi, Lechah Dodi; Ashkenazic pronunciation Lecho Dodi) is a Hebrew-language Jewish liturgical song recited Friday at dusk, usually at sundown, in synagogue to welcome Shabbat prior to the Maariv (evening services).It is part of the Kabbalat Shabbat ("acceptance of Sabbath"). Hebrew songs transliterated and translated into English as well as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other languages, by volunteers worldwide. Just as the Hatan is dressed in magnificent attire, so a person should dress magnificently for Shabbat. About the Author Jonathan Wolf … Traditionally sung on Friday nights, the Hebrew translation is the song’s original form, but there are English translations. Search Hebrew Songs for all your favourite songs. Complacency results in laziness, which leads to taking advantage of the other. Protect yourself from distraction, temptation or simply boredom. Healthy relationships require constant work. He is known for singing Jewish music with great feeling, and has developed a following in Jewish communities in … Please note: digital items are not refundable.