Brewing temperature I’m thinking on starting a SCOBY from a store bought kombucha but I’ve read the ideal temperature for brewing is around 72. Why choose one over the other or what is happening at what temperatures is our quest. When brewing kombucha we expect a little natural variation – in summer, the warmer temperature will move things along quicker and favour some microbes over others. Posted on Saturday, 16/07/16 by mathuaerknedam. Kombucha can brew in temperatures ranging 10C-42C (50F-108F) but these are extremes. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. A “hot fermentation” for instance in some red wines, may be at higher temperatures 27C- 30C (80-85F). note: these two temperature ranges are what we recommend your fermenting temperature range to make Kombucha Tea, i.e., 74-85F. At time I had a scoby 1.5″ thick at the edges and 1mm in the middle. But the cold weather can be a major bummer for any home-brewer. As spring turned into summer, I noticed that my scobies seemed to be very thin in the middle. A warmer brewing temperature will result in a stronger tasting kombucha. Kombucha Brewing Temperatures. INCREASE THE BREWING TEMPERATURE. Make sure you leave enough kombucha in the brewing jar to keep your mother covered if you're planning on starting a new batch. When adjusting culturing temperatures, be sure to check the kombucha frequently with a thermometer. Step 10: 10: Storing and Continuing. Kombucha brews best between 68-78°F. At first I thought it was due to the formation of large bubbles of CO2 pushing the middle of the scoby out of the surface. Kombucha loves heat more than Donald Trump likes to tweet. Brewing Kombucha at a Consistent Temperature Using the Ss Brew Bucket Mini How To & DIY , Kombucha / July 1, 2020 by Brendan Hanson / 2 Comments We’ve been brewing kombucha on and off at home for several years now, the problem was that we started small (1 gallon) and our family of five would tear through that amount in no time. A veritable donut scoby. Brewing it on the warmer end of this range will speed up the culturing. At Joshua Tree Kombucha we love a sparkling home-brewed kombucha in the summer, but we also love a crisp home-brewed kombucha just as much in the winter months. If this temperature is hard to achieve - then strive to keep your kombucha at 20C-29C (69F-84F). Kombucha cocktails are a great way to keep warm in the winter, amiright? Room temperature where I live is around 87 all year round and the thing I’ve done for other ferments is to put them in a cooler with ice and that way it stays around 65 but it requires maintenance (changing the ice a couple of times everyday). It is possible to brew kombucha even up to 85°F. Nevertheless we can improve by continuing to experiment with new teas and flavouring combinations and by keeping a brief brew log in a notebook. The ideal temperature that gives: Good fermentation time; Good bacteria-yeas ratio; Nice flavour (caused by first 2) is considered to be 24.5C-25.5C (76F-78F).