Plus, unlike with banana bread, you don’t have to wait for over-ripe bananas to make this warm pudding. I’m still to find a cake which rivals her fruit cake. Below is a simple but great recipe. Try it and enjoy! To avoid waste, Jamaican housewives try to include it in their daily recipes. Cut or tear buttered bread into pieces (about 1 cm across) and arrange a layer in the bottom of the dish. You get the same sweet banana bread flavor all baked into an easy recipe that’s great to feed a big group. Banana bread pudding is one of those things I don’t recall being made in our home growing up as the dessert of choice was always cake. Old Fashion Bread Pudding Directions. It includes creative uses of our some of our spices too. Butter one side of each slice of bread smoothly with 3 tablespoons Grace Hello Margarine. This Bread Pudding recipe is perfect for any Banana Bread lovers out there! My mom is a serious baker when it comes to cakes… but traditional stuff and not those fancy ones you see in the cookbooks and on the Food Network. Liberally butter a 1 litre ovenproof baking dish with remaining butter.