That was a funny joke!a) Yippeeb) Ha hac) My God14) _______! Aah, Ahh, Aww, Bingo, Eh, Eww, Wow, Hey, Well, What, Hurrah, Hmph, Oh, Oops, Ouch, Shh, Uh oh, Whew, Yay/Yaay, Yeah, Yikes, Yippee, Uh, Hush, Hmm, Er, Um, Bravo, Hello, Ugh, Ah, Ha ha, Well done, Alas, Fie, Hi, Yes, Ouch, Help, Happy Birthday, Good morning, dear, Hark, oops, huh, yum, oy, etc. congratulations. Examples of Interjections for Joy: Hurray! Diagramming Interjections. To our next match!a) Cheersb) Boo hooc) Bah12) _______! Please list interjections that demonstrate such emotions as joy, pain, and happiness. For example- ha-ha, hurray, yahoo, wow, yippee etc. 5. This type of interjection is used in the sentence to express the emotion of sadness about something unfortunate that has happened such as alas, ouch, ah, oh, etc. Sometimes, it is used as a single word or non-sentence phrase and followed by the punctuation mark. 6.... See full answer below. Wow! Let's take a look at the word "great." Patrick on January 26, 2011 3:42 pm Interjections in English are words that are used in our everyday English conversations. informal congratulations. Lah-de-dah denotes nonchalance or dismissal, or derision about pretension. Scared you!a) Yippeeb) Boohc) Bingo21) ________! (Some grammarians, however, might say that "great" is still an adjective since the response is the implied, "That's great!"). Today, I direct your attention to this article, which discusses six English language idioms that can be used to express happiness. We made it!a) Oopsb) Hurrayc) Yikes25) ________! Already a member? I enjoy being busy all the time and respect a person who is disciplined and have respect for others. Log in here. Mm-hmm, variously spelled, is an affirmative or corroborating response. 1) ______! What is the correct grammar? 2. Ltd.). Diagramming sentences is a way to show how the words in a sentence are related to each other. Hurrah! 3. Please add to the below sentences the appropriate kind of Interjections from the choices given and also state the emotion they are expressing. noun. Well I'll be! Used to express pleasure, joy, or great excitement. (greeting, or warning, or attempt to get someone's attention), Hurrah/Hurray! A comma (for a mild interjection) or an exclamation mark (for surprising, emotional, or deep feeling interjections) is used after the use of an interjection word in a sentence. For instance, surprise, agreement, disagreement, sarcasm, dismay etc. mainly spoken used for telling someone that you are pleased about their success, good luck, or happiness on a special occasion. "He is vexed ____ me." Wow! You are all wet!a) Eewb) Oh dearc) Oops28) ________! Wow! Interjections are often found or used at the beginning of a sentence but technically they can be anywhere in the sentence, including the middle and the end. Good! What a beautiful dress! Interjections of understanding and misunderstanding are used to express one's understanding of a subject being talked about or something which wasn’t well understood before the moment. Hurray! Hooray! (again, slightly weeping, expression of disappointment), Surprise! This type of interjection is used in the sentence to express the strong sense of surprise about something that has happened such as ha, what, hey, ah, oh, eh, etc. Alas! eureka. these include: Hurrah! Hurray! Sign up now. interjection. Interjection do not specifically cite any one specific emotion or sentiment; they can be used to used to express disgust, enthusiasm, excitement, joy, … They are not so much sounds than they are words that depict our emotions. My team has won the tournament. A snake!a) Eekb) Grrc) Hah11) ________! It’s pricking my ear!a) Aahb) Heyc) Yahoo7) ______! I think we are out of fuel.a) Uh ohb) Duhc) Gosh24) ________ ! A word that functions as another part of speech can be an interjection when it stands alone. But look at this exchange: In the response, the word "Great!" used in expressions such as ‘Oh God!’, ‘Oh dear!’, and ‘Oh no!’ for showing an emotion such as surprise, fear, or disappointment. Are you a teacher? What nonsense!a) Ahemb) Hurrahc) Fuff20) _______! Interjections for Joy. In most cases, it is an adjective, as in "a great man," "a great book," "a great vacation." Top subjects are Literature, History, and Science. I would have never done that anyways!a) Grrb) Bahc) Boo hoo8) ________! This type of interjection is used in the sentence to indicate immediate joy and happiness on any happy occasion occurred such as hurrah, wow, hurray, etc. Interjections for Attention ©2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. You are looking gorgeous. Interjection words are generally used at the beginning of a sentence. This type of interjection is used in the sentence to indicate immediate joy and happiness on any happy occasion that occurred such as hurrah, wow, hurray, etc. Such a nice baby!a) Ouchb) Awwc) Oops10) _______! The movie was marvelous. It’s freezing outside!a) Brrrb) Eekc) Oops17) _______! They are exclamations which help people understand what the speaker is trying to say. Please assess your progress by referring to the Answer provided at the end of the exercise. We’ve won! Now we can move on. For example: Wow! I have won the first prize. goody. They are also used to greet others or to express one’s thinking.. Interjection Definition and Examples The first rank is yours this year. What is the difference between using "a" or "an". Always believe in hard work, where I am today is just because of Hard Work and Passion to My work. Etc. I broke my knee!a) Yippeeb) Yahooc) Boo hoo9) _______! He ___ (has/have) already ___ (went/gone) to school. 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