Critical thinking is a key skill in the workplace. These certifications can help you get ahead in your IT career. They often must make them on their own, and quickly. Noticing and questioning assumptions helps to reveal information gaps or unfounded logic. If they fall short, there may be no time to recover. CEO Roundtable: How Do You Spur Innovation? Critical thinking, one type of cognitive ability, is of particular importance where sophisticated decision-making and judgment are required. "If you can think more clearly and better articulate your positions, you can better engage discussions and make a much more meaningful contribution in your job.". Download this paper for free. Good decisions require focusing on the most relevant information, asking the right questions, and separating reliable facts from false assumptions – all elements of critical thinking. Critical thinking is all about solving problems through rational processes and evidence-based knowledge. Critical Thinking at Work. Though it might seem as simple as stepping back and using a formal thinking process instead of reacting instinctively to conflicts or problems, this is easier said than done. If a company has a smart leader with great ideas but no processes being followed, there will be no buy-in, and the company will suffer. People who possess this skill are able to bring diverse information together to arrive at conclusions that logically follow from the available evidence, and they do not inappropriately generalize beyond the evidence. He notes that critical thinking is often miscategorized as a soft skill, but soft skills are not teachable. Senior executive-development professionals report that the competency that next-generation leaders lack the most is strategic thinking, which hinges on critical thinking skills. Between trainings, time and patience, critical thinking can become a second-nature skill for employees at all levels of experience and seniority. Welton added that critical thinking makes individuals not only better thinkers, but better communicators. Being able to remain objective and sort through the validity of different positions helps people draw more accurate conclusions. Breanne Harris, Solutions Architect for Pearson TalentLens, Professional Development & Consulting Services, Pearson K-12 Online & Blended Learning Community, Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, Critical Thinking in Business White Paper, Maryville University – Now the 2nd fastest-growing university in the nation, Arming students with the tools for lifelong career success, Direct online tutoring help to students in need, The ability to evaluate the quality of information presented, The potential to move up within the organization. Critical thinking is not just being critical in the typical, negative sense of the word; there are many definitions but according to Beyer (1995), critical thinking The practice and study of critical thinking has always been associated with education. One of the most widely used assessments in this area is the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal. Critical thinking, perhaps more than any other business skill set, can make the difference between success and failure. This is also the case in companies that seem to have good ideas but have trouble executing them. But if you want those working for you to engage in critical thinking processes, it's imperative to give them the time to do so. Companies that change strategy rapidly, moving from one thing to the next, are likely not engaging in critical thinking, said Lawrence. For this reason, employers may look to hire employees who have strong critical thinking skills. Although this process is fluid, it is helpful to focus on each of the RED skills individually when practicing skill development. David Welton, managing partner at Grove Critical Thinking, says critical thinking is "a teachable skill." Critical thinking skills can and should be taught in the workplace so they become second nature. Critical thinking and reflection are crucial in the work environment. Creating a Diversity and Inclusion Training Program, 6 Tips for Writing an Effective Performance Review. Lawrence emphasized that critical thinking skills are best acquired in a time of calm. Here's a chart to help you... critical thinking will also enhance other workplace skills. Critical thinking is important because it ensures you have the best answer to a problem, with maximum buy-in from all parties involved – an outcome which will ultimately save your business time, money and stress. Once organizations understand the role of critical thinking in everyday decision making, they can begin to take steps to develop that skill in their leaders and employees. Post after post details the impending leadership crisis, the unruliness and lack of loyalty among Millennials, and thats before we even cross into issues like declining employee engagement, and digital disruptions. One of the most well-established research findings in industrial psychology is that cognitive ability is directly related to performance in all jobs. We just don’t question it. This is when costly mistakes and blunders are made. With concentrated practice over time, typically several months, critical thinking skills can be significantly increased. Work settings are changing rapidly, and employees are moving into new roles, often with limited direction. If you read enough blog posts or journal articles in the talent management industry, you may have the overwhelming feeling that the sky is falling. What Is Emotional Intelligence, and Why Does It Matter? Both Lawrence and Welton recommend exploring critical thinking trainings and methods to improve your workplace's overall critical thinking proficiency. With globalization and the increased speed of business, employees at every level are facing an increasingly complex flow of information. Then, you can research what trainings, coaches or curricula might fit your organization best. Perhaps the speaker is particularly credible or trustworthy, or the information makes sense or matches our own view. It is difficult to suspend judgment and systematically walk through various arguments and information with the impartiality of a Sherlock Holmes. From recruiting to marketing and sales, all organizational departments should emphasize practicing critical thinking in workplace decisions.