Once you shoot your photos, upload them to the stock imagery site, and set the metadata for your images, your work is mostly done! Stock photography: $15-60 per image. Adjusting Color. Saving Images Properly. With over 9,000,000 photos and growing, Shutterstock ranks well among the other stock agencies and also offers video footage if you have high quality content. One of the benefits of stock photography is that it offers you the chance to earn a passive income. As can be expected, large images take longer to load. With images on the web, however, a higher dpi does not look significantly better than a resolution of 72dpi, but a high dpi will cause your images to load much slower and slow down your website speed. The scale currently starts at $.25 per download so it will take a sizeable portfolio with stellar images before the bigger returns roll around (this is true with all stock agencies, though). I love the Canon G series point-and-shoots because they can go full manual and they shoot a really nice raw file.I picked this camera because it’s definitely not top of the line anymore, allowing me to demonstrate that even with modest equipment, good results are attainable. The quickest, easiest and most popular source for website photos is stock photography from providers such as Getty Images, iStock and Shutterstock. the value in KB, MB, GB etc. The colors in your photo may come out a bit off when you view them on your computer. According to Hagen, small business owners can get high-quality photos from a variety of sources, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. You can move onto other things while your stock photos start selling and you start earning royalties off of every sale. When we say large, we’re referring to the file size rather than the dimensions of an image, i.e. Backed by Getty Images, Picspree provides a large selection of high quality stock photos completely royalty free. Stock photos are photos that creators license out to anyone who is willing to pay their licensing fee. When I did the test images for this article, I started with my older model (2008), beat-to-hell Canon G10 point-and-shoot. Buying a license gives you the right to use the photo in … With easy searching and frictionless downloading Picspree is an excellent resource for small businesses and web professionals looking for high quality photos … The Camera+ app for iOS and the Camera 360 app for Android, for instance, let you take and edit your photos right on your phone.