The other danger of using too high of heat is the casing will burst, releasing all of the delicious juice inside the brat. Avoid using a basting brush to oil up the grates. If using propane, light burners only on one side of the grill. A perfectly grilled brat will actually pulse as the juice inside the casing boils, without the casing breaking. There is a lot more to grilling perfect brats than simply firing up the grill and placing them over heat. Tips & Techniques Sausage Grilling Tips From the Butcher. Yeah, yeah, I hear purists screaming that I should have used charcoal but using gas … Step 2: Give the Brats a Bath. There is a solution, however. I'm using your recipes and method. Subscribe to and get each tantalizing new post sent directly to your inbox, along with my complementary eCookbook just for signing up! If the exterior gets done before the brats finish cooking simply move them to the opposite side of the grill away from the coals so they can finish cooking without burning. The other benefit to using a charcoal chimney is they typically hold the perfect amount of charcoal for a standard sized grill. If you have made heating zones on the grates, then put all the brats at once on the hot section. How long to cook brats will depend on how hot your coals are, and how many you are using. The first few minutes of grilling will let you know how quickly the brats will cook and how frequently they need to be rotated. How Do You Know When a Brat is Done? It’s certainly tricky to grill brats to perfection. With your zone heating set up, oil the grates (prevents sticking) and then place the brats directly over the coals. Place brats on grates directly over charcoal and grill on each side until browned. finish cooking simply move them to the opposite side of the grill away from the coals so they can finish cooking without burning. However, one needs to take care of many little things. To be more precise about your grilling, you can use a meat thermometer to find the internal temperature of a grilled brat. Every chance he has is spent barbecuing for the family and friends. Really appreciate the tips and tricks- I'll be sure to print this one out for my hubby this weekend! Not only will it keep the turning handy but it will also keep you from puncturing the brats which can affect their taste. How to Grill Brats. If your brat bath is kept around 160 degrees the brats will be piping hot, without drying out and over-cooking. Get the fire lit and close the lid to let things get toasty. But as mentioned earlier, it is not an absolute parameter. Grilling Inspiration Beer Brats with Sauerkraut, Onions and Jalapenos. Caked-on char and leftover drippings from past cookouts will increase the likelihood of the sausages sticking. By cleaning, we mean rubbing its grates with a hard bristle brush to remove the char and grease buildups. Place a cast iron pan directly on the grill grates and close the lid. If the exterior gets done before the brats. My brats turned out better than ever. Don’t disobey your mom, subscribe to Fox Valley Foodie today. Test Kitchen tip: The best and easiest way to simmer your sausages is to use the grill. Grilling Inspiration Beer and Brats: The Perfect Camp Grilling Combo. Once the brats are on the grill it is important to hang around and monitor their cooking. It brings back memories of simpler days, when people had time to sit around with friends in the sunshine and wait for a perfectly cooked bratwurst to come off the grill. You can certainly do without it too. (If you look closely at my pictures my brat casings are nicely wrinkled without being cracked or torn). However, 15-25 minutes is the time window in which every type of brat is grilled to serve, given that the grill is perfectly fired up. So, a hastily done grilling is not going to give you the desired results. Boiling brats before grilling is a crutch used by people afraid to serve undercooked brats. With this, you can actually create temperature zones on the same grates. When brats start wrinkling on the skin and turn their color into something reddish brown with a dull trace, it’s time to take them off because they have been perfectly grilled. Oil grates with paper towel soaked in vegetable oil to prevent sticking. In my opinion, no brat tastes better than when dressed with my personal, brats, bratwurst, grill, grilled, grilling, wisconsin. You'll be able scrape off more gunk this way. The other way to have better temperature control is to keep your grill at ‘slow-burning’ mode. Yes, you get weird looks, but no one turns down the food. When briquettes are not sweltering red, you don’t need to worry about the temperature spiking. Brats should be served on a bun slightly larger, and more hearty, than a traditional hot dog bun.