To convert speaker level outputs from your amplifier or receiver to RCA jack subwoofer outputs, you’ll connect the provided speaker wire connections (marked by colors and striped) just like you would regular speakers. 1:30. Connect the cable that was included with the subwoofer to the amplifier's terminal. Most subs have a Line level in and one out as well. Using a passive (non-powered) subwoofer is definitely not as easy as a powered one. Yes, I don’t think should matter which side you use unless there’s something unusual about the design. I would check and make sure. Hello there. Follow. If you want to use the signal outputs of a 3 channel power amp you can use any speaker output connection. For non-powered subwoofers the problem comes when you connect one to an amplifier or receiver’s outputs without a crossover – it sounds terrible! Read on and I’ll share with you 3 ways to connect a subwoofer along with clear subwoofer diagrams anyone can understand. Ok so my Passive sub was part of a 2.1 Laptop setup a while back. Working with tweeters that are too bright? Speaker crossovers like the one shown are sold both in a single (one speaker) or dual (2-speaker) models depending on the brand & supplier. The good news is that in stereo mode, both new and old receivers & amps have very similar subwoofer behavior when connected as you’ve seen here. If it has a preamp output you should try to run a pair of interconnects to your subwoofer from the amp. Required fields are marked *. There are two kinds of home stereo subwoofers: powered (“active”) and non-powered (“passive”). Or safe? Powered subwoofers have an internal amplifier and one or more signal input options: speaker inputs, RCA input(s), and in some cases, digital audio inputs. Here’s my guide with. Copyright © 2017-2020 Good morning, Senzo. While you almost never see them used for home stereo systems, they’re extremely handy in the car stereo world because they make it possible to connect a stereo without RCA outputs to any amplifier or powered subwoofer. If, however, your amp or receiver has no preamp output you should be able to use the subwoofer like it’s just another speaker by using speaker wire to join it to the amp’s speaker terminals.When that is done you … Hi Richard I appreciate your feedback on my writing. Got a vintage amplifier or receiver? I'd love to help everyone make good buying decisions and get the best sound they can for their budget. A tech Enthusiast, Vlogger who love to explore the world for being pro vlogger. Those are able to extract the dedicated bass sound from a DVD or other media and route it to the subwoofer output jack. Thanks in advance! No external crossovers and no fuss. It also has a built-in low-pass crossover to block higher sound frequencies in order to produce clear and great-sounding bass only. In some cases, for example, some movies and music use the bass channel to really draw you into the experience. Not only have I worked for years as a professional installer, but also as a degreed engineer I've designed & built audio electronics as a hobby. Since the sub amp has both L pos/neg and R pos/neg speaker inputs I guess it shouldn’t matter which side I choose. I was wondering if I could hook that up somehow. Normally, all subs provide balance to the entire sound.The low notes are fully represented and if your subwoofer is good, you should be able to get all the special sound effects that come from your movies and games too. For example, for an 8 ohm subwoofer, you’ll need to use a crossover designed for 8 ohm speakers. The great news is that there are several ways to connect a subwoofer to an old amplifier or vintage receiver. A powered subwoofer includes an amplifier already inside the subwoofer enclosure. The diagram looks like I would connect the subwoofer into the same outs that I had connected to my main pair of speakers. Thank you for some of the best technical writing I have seen in a long time. Its a single one RCA leave out from a cable. To get started with the actual hook-up, you'll connect the subwoofer to the amplifier using the RCA cable. However, in regular stereo listening mode, they act the same as regular receivers. how to reduce tweeter volume using an L-pad. Hi Marty. The speakers are 4 ohm Thiels. Is it okay to have wires out that go to two my main floor speakers and the subwoofer? It always depends on the particular brand and model you buy. I appreciate you visiting my site! So would it work if say, I take a normal RCA and cut the other end and then split the neg & pos of the RCA, put it in the receiver and the uncut in the sub? Hi Marty. The internal electronics not only scale down the speaker output voltage from a receiver but also help prevent noise from the audio path, too. You have to first check the back of your old amp and look out for a preamp output. Subwoofers with speaker level inputs are great to have for exactly this reason as you can connect them directly to an older amplifier or vintage receiver’s speaker outputs.