Pennsylvania Teacher Shortages For the 2016-2017 academic year, the state of Pennsylvania had a statewide shortage of teachers in the following academic disciplines or subject matter:. PreK-12: Special Education Nursery-12: Hearing Impaired, Speech and Language Impaired Secondary… In some countries, certain grades from these school … Teachers must have a thorough understanding of the different subjects students learn about, and must have a desire and drive to be an engaging school … Graduate secondary/high school. This typically means that prospective teachers must complete a state-approved teacher … The quickest and cheapest way to become a primary or a post-primary teacher is by undertaking an undergraduate teacher education degree. To teach in public schools, a state teaching license or certification is required. Earn your Single Subject Teaching Credential at a college … Becoming a teacher in a secondary school usually requires earning a bachelor’s degree in secondary education or in a teachable subject like biology. Becoming a certified high school/middle school teacher High school and middle school focuses on expanding the knowledge and desire to learn of students, and requires effective teachers. You will need to at a minimum have a secondary/high school degree in order to get the further education necessary to become a teacher. Become a Secondary School Teacher in California There are a variety of routes an individual can take to earn the Single Subject Teaching Credential.