control of the information security of the enterprise. Zambians love this country due to its welcoming environment and Congolese seek refuge. There is a significant wage gap between women and men (with an advantage towards the latter). 2. Air traffic control specialists are people in charge of the safe flow, aviation and control of airplanes. The pay for qualified pilots in South Africa comes to 695,800 Rands per annum. It allows you to activate strategic thinking. It been a broad term, people that fall withing this category include civil engineers. It is a … Create a resume in 5 minutes. Feel like you want to take a position in one of the companies above? GDP per year keeps increasing to $368.5 billion been recent recorded. Prepares students becoming equipped fro work, ran organizations and become professionals. Therefore, working in South Africa as an expat can be an exciting idea. They extract oil from the earths crust below and old wells that existed. The annual wage in this position is R 2 800 000. However, if you have good sales, marketing, and human resource management skills, you can consider any of the industries - either the one that you like more or the one that will offer more money. See perfect resume samples that get jobs. Mostly referred to as counsels because they help on representing and rendering legal counsel to clients. Work in the control tower at national airports and south Africa has seen rise and demand in these jobs. introducing technological innovations to improve production efficiency. South Africa, been one of the most visited country in Africa, each year tourists flood into the country. If you have been wondering which career pays more and what is the highest paying job in South Africa 2020?. The annual wage for this position is R5 000 000. constant study of domestic and foreign markets. South Africa is one of the most developed countries on the African continent. To do this, analyze each requirement one by one and honestly answer to yourself if you can cope with a specific task. This is what makes this career second highest paid job in south Africa. The main responsibility of the positions is to. Of course, a perfect match for these two factors is the best option. We answer the most widely asked question for highest paying jobs in South Africa and professions in the world, regarded to be the highest paying careers in south Africa. To get hired for one of them, you should study your potential career opportunities, understand employers’ current requirements, and then choose your development trajectory. IT managers perform duties of making regular backups, and system security. Just choose your best skills from the suggested list, and your cover letter will be created automatically by the GetCoverLetter builder. However, do not forget that the resume should be customized according to the position you are applying for and show experience, education, and skills that are most relevant to those described in the vacancy. Get the job you want. University professors, academic specialists educating and guiding students in a variety of studies. But accountant working in the south African banking sector, especially for foreign based and owned banks make more money. Professional accounts in South Africa make, not less than R734 990 per year and R61249 every month as salary. Also Read: Make Money With a Website in South Africa. Consequently this economy is better than that of other countries. Don’t miss out on exclusive stories that will supercharge your career! So, if you are betting on the rapid development of your career, here are the professions to choose from. To create a list of the highest paying jobs in South Africa, we used some factors like the average earning per-annum for each profession, the kind of job or task involved, the wealthy millionaires these professions has churned out to the society and others. These are professional jobs ranked top, and very well paying. Highest paying jobs in South Africa, ranked start from those with masters, been highest paid. You may try for these positions even if you are a foreigner; however, the ability to speak, write, and understand South Africa’s native language is an obligatory requirement. Before submitting your application, ensure that your experience, background, skills, and knowledge correspond to those described in the vacancy. In 2020, 41.1% of the working population in South Africa has upper secondary education. analyzing the results of the work of sales and marketing departments. IT Managers. Most of them perform duties related to the backed and front end. The more specific stack of technologies and skills you need depends on the employee and its main activity direction. South Africa happens to be one of the most sought-after countries for a well-paying job, especially by citizens of other African countries. If you have a university degree, finding a well-paid job in this country will not be so difficult. In this case, in addition to higher education and management skills, you also need to be tech-savvy since all the processes in modern logistics are powered by technologies that directly affect business efficiency. Surgeons / Doctors Salary Range: from 60,200 ZAR to 177,000 ZAR Surgeons top the list of the highest paying careers due to the critical nature of their job. In the video the “Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa” we look at which professions have the highest earning power. Software developers turn logic into something that the user finds helpful. Today, Software developers are highest paid jobs in south Africa. Fortunately, there are tons of websites, courses, educational videos, and apps to do it. Studies taught surpass the lower learning level. Third, on our list of the highest paying jobs in South Africa is the law professionals. Hence each petroleum engineer in South Africa, gets paid not less than R122,000 per month. The main labor force is made up of people from. So, if you are betting on the rapid development of your career, here are the professions to choose from. Casual workers and unskilled laborers are the lowest paid. Roles and duties of engineers varies, from manipulating, maintenance of machinery and repair. Contents. To get in such a position, you need a finance degree (education abroad will be a plus) and a lot of finance management and consulting experience. Health specialists in south Africa, provide treatment, medicals concealing and support. Design working software, how its going to work and follow through with version controls. All representatives of management positions know English, but they also have to communicate with ordinary people who speak only their native language. There are many profitable sales and marketing positions since each company, regardless of the industry, needs to promote its goods and services. GDP... What jobs are on demand in Zambia? Thus though its just developed by a slight margin, compared to Kenya which has GDP $87.91 billion as of 2019. Lawyers. As a result of this, this article is to provide very helpful information on the top 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa and they include the following; TOP 10 HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN SOUTH AFRICA 1. Nigerians known to have reached millions, this been one of contributing factors to Xenophobia. Since many leading companies understand the value of qualified personnel, they are ready to pay R 2 200 000 annually for competent help and the skill to match the vacancy with a candidate’s qualification and the company’s mission. It has never been so easy! To conclude this list for highest paying jobs in South Africa. The career path demands tremendous dedication and commitment. Pay attention that local currency (R, Rand, R1=$0.064) is used to specify the wages for the highest paying specialists. On each of the sites, you will find current openings, plus use the built-in functionality to post your resume so that potential employers can contact you themselves. List Of The Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa. Enroll and learn Information technology, online platforms have also been teaching thousands of software developers. Today our website has over 7 experienced content contributors providing you with information about finance, marketing, insurance, web development, insurance, goods or services, travel guides and amazing stories about Africa. In the workplace, you will: Helping companies manage their human resources is also a profitable occupation. Additionally, job description includes motoring, especially during plane take off, landing and monitor the planes traveling through the sky by using a radar. These come from as far as the United states of America, UK, Japan and Africa. Spoiler! Therefore, if you are serious about working in South Africa, start learning or improving your Africaans. See perfect cover letter samples that get jobs. Law practitioners Interpret, defend and advise business, individuals on legal matters. Been a pilot in south Africa, either among local based pilots and those working commercial. IT director is one of the most profitable positions in this field - the salary of this specialist may reach R 2 000 000. Use this article as a guide to action, and don't forget the importance of your resume and cover letter in the hiring process.