With its exceptional benefits for the skin and hair, it is not surprising why many beauty brands around the world use this incredible oil as one of the main ingredients of their beauty products. Tal loved the transformation of her hair from damaged, dry, and lifeless to shiny, smooth, and manageable. OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Dry Oil Review. Once again, thanks for the tips!!! 14 Comments to “ Moroccan oil review: SILICONE alert!” Ranita says :Reply. Handy pump with a clear plastic cap. Organic argan oil for hair, face, and nails. Hello all beautiful ladies, I found this product when 3-4 months back, I visited a hair salon to get a hair spa and the lady there suggested me to purchase the product she applied on my hair during the spa. 68913920: G9 LAIKOU Hair Salon Moroccan Hair Care Essential Oil 40ml: Skin & Personal Care: New: 0.05kg: Courier Service This mid-weight oil will protect hair (up to 200C) while also reducing blow-drying time to deliver a salon-perfect finish with minimum fuss. Official Stockist of MOROCCANOIL® Moroccanoil's story began when co-founder Carmen Tal was traveling in Israel. 100% pure argan oil without fillers. You only need to purchase one skincare product, such as Pura D’Or Moroccan Argan Oil, to help manage your entire beauty routine. USDA certified organic. there's more coming, keep reading RachaelR13 says :Reply. Moroccanoil Original Oil is the one that blazed the trail for a generation of hair oils that have become a hair staple for modern gals. February 7, 2012 at 2:48 am . Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask Review. She had her hair coloured, but the process left her hair badly damaged. It has a finer consistency while offering the same amazing results. Also called the “Liquid Gold”, argan oil is a luxurious staple in every woman’s skin care routine. After cleaning your hair, apply appropriate hair oil and smear it on the hair. Product Type : Hair Oils ; Package Contents : 1 x 60ml Pure Argan Oil Depth : 20 mm; Height : 100 mm , Width : 37 mm; Liquid Volume : 60 ml , Product Weight : 72 g Usage: 1. Moroccanoil Original Oil is a versatile, nourishing, residue-free treatment that can be used for conditioning, styling and finishing. Shakara Natural Tips says :Reply. Henna Dye for Hair. A friend took Tal to a salon, where Tal experienced a restorative hair oil treatment for the first time. Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment is specifically formulated for the delicate needs of fine and light-colored (including white) hair. Massage your scalp with hair oil until it is absorbed by hair, does not need to be cleaned Natural Hair Salon Toronto. 2. Natural Hair Styles. February 8, 2012 at 5:52 am . You are most welcome! This hair treatment oil completely transforms and repairs hair. Imported from Morocco. Its unique formula instantly absorbs into the hair, creating immediate shine and long term conditioning benefits without leaving any sticky residue.