It has both single and double gate types. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. It has a 10W polycrystalline solar panel. Designed for heavy duty single swing gates up to a maximum of 18 ft. long or maximum of weight of 850 lbs. On average we usually finish the job for about 2-3 hours; can be faster or longer depending on your skill but in general users from both brands have no issue about installing the opener by themselves. My primary reason for selecting Ghost Controls over the much more popular Mighty Mule was due to the reviews. Just speak out, and your gate opens. Reviewed By Andrea Amiot Latest Updated November 10, 2020. The Ghost can operate gates that are 20 feet long. What you need to make sure is whether the gate is swinging inside or outside because it will decide in which side we have to install the opener. If you are ready to install a new automatic gate opener such as for the driveway, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because we do have so many of them out there yet, not all of them will perform exactly the same despite being similarly able to automate your gate. Mighty Mule and Ghost Control are single gate opener which means it is ideal for those with single swing gate because there is only one arm in these packages yet, in case you are looking for those with two openings, these brands also have the collection for your application. It may not be a problem for those who are willing to spend on the budget but if you are also considering saving, installing a regular manual gate combined with an automatic gate opener is the most ideal option. This prevents high stresses on the hinges while opening, and unnecessary impact on closing. One of the most popular options is Party Mode which makes the gate stay open until the party is offer or by you switching it on again. Being the solar power is the future, this article will review the best solar powered gate openers currently available on the market. You need to get proper brackets and mountings, and even call in a plumber for help. Performance wise Mighty Mule and Ghost Controls are amazing and the installation doesn’t take a long time especially if their mounting match your gate materials. If you want a sturdy, heavy-duty system, get the Ghost. You can also install Mighty Mule with its own solar panel, the FM121 five watt solar panel but you need to add $116.4 into the budget. The entire package comes with mounting accessories included, i.e., brackets and fasteners. Auto close with a delay time of 120 seconds. Read also: Mighty Mule vs Chamberlain. You can get the one best suited for your purpose. This is the reason why we are installing gate on our houses and similar properties to make sure there are only people you give permission to visit and use the place. This thing also works with Alexa and Google Assistant. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (,, or Required fields are marked *. This consequently helps improve the device life. Besides the weight limit and your gate length, to make the shopping easier we can decide to shop based on the budget as well so then we can eliminate the options much more quickly. Besides the easy installation system, there is also some interesting features that we used to find in a gate opener but in this case only apply to Ghost Controls because if you add the 5 buttons remote to this model, we can access several modes to allow you automate the gate. The gate opener is easy to install with an instructional manual and a DVD guide. You can also run it wirelessly. Both run on a 12V battery. But, only the Ghost provides solar cells in its package. As a backup, it can accommodate two external 12V batteries. No, the gate must be able to turn freely when pushed/pulled. This prevents impact during opening and closing. Their remote range seems fine at 100 feets and always working but the issue we have with Mighty Mule is its lower quality material especially with some crucial parts are made from plastic, making the unit not as sturdy and reliable especially against force. ETL Listed. Both require 12V batteries for backup. However, these openers are by no means to add any security to your properties because an adult or even a dog can push the lock quite easily if they did put some determination into it. The Ghost Controls has a maximum load capacity of 900 pounds. There are several such products available. The Mighty Mule MM260 Gate Opener is suitable for all light-duty swing gates that are 12 inches in length weighing 300 lbs. Best automatic gate opener for vinyl fence: Mighty Mule MM562. The Ghost Controls offers a sturdy system, consequently more strength and reliability. Here’s a comparison between Ghost and Mighty Mule to help you out in your purchase. Your email address will not be published. The difference between MM260 and TSS1 is the latter has longer arm made to accommodate longer gate with some useful modes that you can choose if adding a different remote into the system. While much of them are subjective, there were a number of reviews under the MM product indicating they'd switched to GC. They are quite similar to each other and ideal for users with standard driveway gate or those with a maximum gate weight of 300 pounds. This is useful since you can assemble it yourself. If you are here then we are sure, a swing gate is what you are looking for and as traditional as this type of gate actually is, we can make them look more modern as well as convenient with Mighty Mule and Ghost Control gate opener. When it comes to automatic gate openers, The Ghost Controls is undoubtedly one of the best and heavy-duty ones. The Ghost provides a 10 watts, single crystal solar cell. In addition, for maximum security we can also purchase Zombie lock to work with the gate opener.