These are large and extremely colorful fish with big personalities to boot. Many people have produced beautiful angelfish cichlids, discus fish, guppies and other tropical fish from their efforts with inline breeding. Purists will be purists but there is a place for inline breeding efforts. For years aquarist have been crossing breeding to produce different colors perhaps not create new species but for coloration and finnage. There is a tremendous amount of breeding and trading of this species in Asia. Thai Silk Flowerhorn Fry   There are other colors of course and these include blue, silver, yellow and orange. *Sale Flowerhorn Cichlids Gb X Fireman Dream Fry 2in $20.00 USD: 1 Golden Flame/Red Dragon Flowerhorn FRY 3" Freshwater Aquarium Fish $24.00 USD: Srd Flowerhorn’s Fry 2-2.5 Inches $20.00 USD: 1 Golden Flame Flowerhorn FRY 2"-2.5" Freshwater Aquarium Fish $22.00 USD: 4 Golden Flame/Red Dragon Flowerhorn FRY 1"-2" Freshwater Aquarium Fish $58.00 USD The primary core of this fish is the trimac or three-spot cichlid which is Cichlasoma trimaculatum and now referred to as Amphiliophus trimaculatus. Golden Flame Flowerhorn FRY 1"-1.5" (2) Pic is of the father. However what separates the flowerhorn is it is a cross between two or perhaps more cichlids hence hybrid. The most popular color for flowerhorn fishes is red. Regarding the practice of Feng Shui as it relates to fish, red seems to be the predominant color. Buy Flowerhorn Fish – also known as the Luo Han fish – from $9.99 to $699.00. Essentially this is a hybrid cichlid no different than blood parrot cichlids another popular hybrid cichlid but we do know is that flowerhorns arrived after the parrot cichlid craze. Covid19 Lockdown Will Cause Some Delays With Online Orders. Find Flowerhorn Cichids for sale at $20.00 + $15.00 shipping *Sale Flowerhorn Cichlids Gb X Fireman Dream Fry 2in. We have plenty of high quality Red Dragon & Thai Silk fry just for you. One of the direct benefits of selective breeding is the fantastic creations of different color variations found in flowerhorns and even their body shapes. It is extremely popular among people who. Similarly in. Flowerhorn fish have truly become a global fascination with fish hobbyists developing this fish constantly in Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. Our…, High Quality Kamfa Flowerhorn Fry We have plenty of high quality Red Dragon & Thai Silk fry just for you. If you recall there was a period of time when everyone loved and wanted these gorgeous red arowana fish which were. Ok feeding flowerhorn cichlids is fairly simple because they are omnivorious and will eagerly accept all prepared aquarium foods on the market including live and frozen foods. So it’s not uncommon to see red as the primary color especially found on the head and front parts of their body. They range from 2-3" and start off at low reasonable prices for great quality! ... *SALE* Flowerhorn Cichlid 1 to 2 inch Goldbase. It’s difficult to prove or give credit to one particular aquarist for this man made fish but it’s now part of the aquarium hobby at a global level. Luo Han cichlid fish are “egg layers” or substratum spawners and in typical fashion lay their eggs on a flat surface and both parents protect their fry very vigorously. And part of their attraction is that they come in so many stunning varieties which in turn are multitudes of colors. At any rate Luo Han fish will eat a host of things! On the search for a Flowerhorn but want to grow one out from a juvenile fry size? The Thai Silk Flowerhorn is also known as the Titanium Flower Horn …, High Quality Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fry Freshwater Aquarium Fish. They are very curious animals and love to beg for cichlid pellets. Overall Luo Han fish are amazingly beautiful large freshwater cichlid fish. They range from 2-3" and start off at low reasonable prices for great quality! There is much debate on the other cichlids used for the cross; some believe it was the, It’s worth noting that flower horn fish represent, In particular flowerhorns are by far the most easily identifiable and popular tropical fish species available today. Buy Flowerhorn Fish – also known as the Luo Han fish – from $9.99 to $699.00. So what is so unique about Flowerhorns anyway? These guys are full of potential to become A+ Quality!! Auctions for Flowerhorn Category - Wed Nov 18 02:46:34 2020. And it’s important to note that many cichlid hobbyists abhor this fish and other hybrid cichlids. These large beauties are here to stay and have found a permenant place in the aquarium trade including an extensive line of, Essentially Hua Luo Han are large and very colorful cichlids thought to bring good luck. Covid19 Lockdown Will Cause Some Delays With Online Orders. Planted Freshwater Aquarium Supplies: Plant Tools. For the most part flower horn fish at their largest size can reach some 12 inches rumors are they can get bigger but this would require a large tank. As any aquarist who fancies cichlids will learn keeping a large fish by itself will result in the animal be territorial and always showing off with spreading its fins and even attacking the glass or trying to bite their owners hand!