From this perspective, solution architecture’s value to enterprise architecture becomes even more clear. A few details, which are best expressed with this formula: Cloud architect = enterprise architect + SOA architect + cloud technologist. David S. Linthicum is an internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader. 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These IT pros can help navigate the entire organization’s cloud adoption, helping to avoid risk and ensure a smooth transition. InfoWorld [ Get the no-nonsense explanations and advice you need to take real advantage of cloud computing in InfoWorld editors' 21-page Cloud Computing Deep Dive PDF special report. Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems Google Cloud Platform by Google View Details. SOA is required because most clouds are accessed using services; thus, the models and approaches that are part of SOA are extremely handy when dealing with cloud computing. According to Gartner, the three main, high-level responsibilities of a cloud architect are: While those are the high-level responsibilities, day-to-day responsibilities of a cloud architect, according to Gartner, include: According to data from PayScale, the average salary for a cloud architect is $124,923 per year, with a reported salary range between $82,309 to $185,208 per year depending on experience, location and skills. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. That’s why the distinction between the different types can sometimes become unclear. People searching for Solutions Architect vs. Enterprise Architect found the articles, information, and resources on this page helpful. | Get the latest cloud computing insights by signing up for our newsletter. There is a … Cloud Architects are usually responsible for one or more of the compute, network, storage components of Cloud Services. “The cloud architect should have a variety of technical and nontechnical skills, but above all, the cloud architect must be a great collaborator in order to empower and connect with a variety of other architecture roles in your organization,” says Gartner analyst Kyle Hilgendorf. You can't build something unless you understand the tools and raw materials that are available, and the same goes for bringing cloud computing technology into the enterprise to form solutions. If your organization finds it difficult to land the right skills outside your company, there might be someone well suited to the role in another business unit who can transition to cloud architect with a small investment in training and education. It’s a constantly evolving field, and the job requires someone who can stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. View Details. Solution Architecture vs System Architecture . This is the task of a role that many IT organizations are now finding to be mandatory — the cloud architect,” according to Gartner analyst Kyle Hilgendorf’s 2016 report “Analyzing the Role and Skills of the Cloud Architect.”. Enterprise Architects vs. Solutions Architects If you already have an IT background or the right skillset for a cloud architect, you can look into one of these professional certifications to boost your resume: For additional cloud-related certifications, see “The most valuable cloud certifications today.”. |. The cloud architect who works for an enterprise and the person who designs actual cloud technology have two very different skill sets. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. The cloud architect who works for an enterprise and the person who designs actual cloud technology have two very different skill sets. I would even say they're a requirement. It is important not to confuse enterprise solution architecture and system architecture. According to a 2018 report from RightScale, 81 percent of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and 38 percent of enterprises view public cloud as their top priority in 2018 — up from 29 percent in 2017. Cloud architects are responsible for managing the cloud computing architecture in an organization, especially as cloud technologies grow increasingly complex. The report also found that cloud architect jobs grew in the past year, with 61 percent identifying as a cloud architect in 2018 compared to 56 percent in 2017. Finally, the cloud architect needs to be an expert in the existing cloud computing technology: public, private, and hybrid, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. For the enterprise cloud architect, what is the difference between that role and the traditional enterprise architect? This article, "Don't mistake cloud architects for enterprise architects," originally appeared at ], “The adoption of cloud computing is multidimensional and must be run like a multiyear program, not a fixed-duration project. There are also a variety of certification and professional development programs you can choose from. Solution Architects are responsible for a single application or technology product including both hardware and software. If you’re just starting out in your career and you have your sights set on becoming a cloud architect, you can attend a master’s program specializing in the field. Share. Copyright © 2018 IDG Communications, Inc. Where an enterprise architect is concerned with the EA’s current state, and the strategy to reach the desired future-state, solutions architects act on that strategic direction.