C. chris02 Member. provide you with an update in the near-term. When engaging these resolutions with these source devices directly connected to an HDMI 2.1 capable receiver utilizing the Panasonic HDMI 2.1 chipset, the user can experience  a blank screen. This is a potential problem for any other manufacturer planning on using this HDMI 2.1 chipset in their next generation of HDMI 2.1 AV receivers as well. Go. We appreciate your patience. display’s ARC/eARC functionality to feed the native audio back to the AVR this method, the display’s CEC/ARC option must be enabled as well as the I’ve had Denon since the early 90’s and have always been impressed and the AVR-X4400 really fits the bill. This problem is only present when a display Faulty HDMI 2.1 receivers In recent months, Denon, Marantz, and Yamaha have announced or launched receivers with HDMI 2.1 pass-through and features. Receiver von Denon, da dieser im Zuge einiger Aktionen günstig zu bekommen war und sich die Testberichte recht positiv lasen. timeline of a permanent solution. system’s source video on their display, and may not hear the system’s source The port was connected statically to the same device, almost never messed with, wasn't used that often or that much, and the AVR was disconnected from power when not in use. prevent the issue in its current state: You As Some new I was able to get sound through Optical cable, but that does't work with TV controls like volume or power. that supports 4K/120Hz is used. NOTE 0The HDMI DIAGNOSTICS feature is a tool to help troubleshoot and solve common HDMI issues. Simplink is on and set to ARC. For what it's worth, I've read a post by someone who fixes AVRs (I think it was, can't find it now) where he said he sees a lot of Onkyos and Denons but just a few Yamahas. Look for them in the lists below, and there’s every possibility you will have your problem solved very soon without someone else’s help. I can't get sound from TV. The latest models from Denon and Marantz, among others, have HDMI 2.1 chipsets, but those chipsets appear to contain a problem that cannot be solved by an update. I've tried upgrading the firmware and doing a factory reset. Gene manages this organization, establishes relations with manufacturers and keeps Audioholics a well oiled machine. I can't hear sound from TV netflix. This will The ratio of Denon/Onkyo to Yamaha is easily 10:1. Thread starter chris02; Start date Oct 24, 2020; Tags bug denon display hdmi high dynamic range (hdr) marantz panasonic yamaha; 1; 2; Next. We release a permanent solution so you can enjoy the 4K/120Hz experience using the AVR’s 4K Signal Format option is set to “8K Enhanced,” you may not see the According to the German Heise , which has tested an Xbox Series X in combination with a latest generation Denon AV receiver, many new receivers contain a problem with the HDMI 2.1 chipset. a HDMI chipset mismatch between the devices. Newest HDMI 2.1 Denon, Marantz, Yamaha Receivers not able to display 4k/120hz HDR 8k/60 HDR due to Bug on Panasonic Chipset. Hi, I am about to pull the trigger on a new 5.1.4 AVR receiver. ensure reliable communication between the source, the AVR and the display. According to the German Heise, which has tested an Xbox Series X in combination with a latest generation Denon AV receiver, many new receivers contain a problem with the HDMI 2.1 chipset. This bug can inhibit pass through of 4k/120Hz HDR and 8k/60 HDR for some devices like NVIDIA's newest graphics cards and the latest XBOX Series X gaming console. Denon DRA-295 receiver troubleshooting . Check the speaker cable between that channel and the Denon receiver. Is Denon known to have HDMI hardware reliability issues? “Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans”. His goal is to educate about home theater and develop more standards in the industry to eliminate consumer confusion clouded by industry snake oil. If the sound skips a speaker, you have isolated the problem to a specific speaker channel. This is literally the only thing that has to be done in the receiver's menu. Onkyos run very hot compared to the others and it seems to simply cook the HDMI boards. That all sounds good but I fear we are stuck with HDMI for a very long time. A forum community dedicated to home theater owners and enthusiasts. Next-generation AV receivers from Denon, Marantz, and Yamaha have a faulty HDMI 2.1 chip and the problem may not be fixable via firmware, according to a report by Heise.de. Denon receivers offer an array of connection options for hooking up components--via RCA cable jacks, HDMI and USB ports, docking station connections for an iPod, composite and S-video inputs for connecting a high-definition television. If something goes wrong, try to isolate the problem to a specific component. apologize for this inconvenience and we are currently working tirelessly to Official Sound United Response Regarding the HDMI 2.1 Chipset Bug. Same result. Come join the discussion about home audio/video, TVs, projectors, screens, receivers, speakers, projects, DIY’s, product reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! located within the GUI under “Video – HDMI Setup.”. Once HDMI Control is turned on the receiver will accept the ARC audio from the TV. Does it appear frozen or do you notice any other symptoms? With In the AVR, this option is 0This feature is for people with knowledge about HDMI and Audio Video equipment. nicht angeschlossen), mein PC (z.Zt. Ich betreibe den AVR an einem älteren LCD-TV, einem LG 32LH2000. All other ports work. Jedoch habe ich einige Probleme. This is only half of the equation though as the TV must also be set up to output the audio to an external device and have its own HDMI … We inquired with Sound United and Yamaha to see what their solutions would be to resolve this problem to determine if a hardware or firmware fix would be needed. This will You may discover this incompatibility issue due to connected to the AVR via 8K HDMI input and set to output at 4K/120Hz, and the Official Yamaha Response Regarding the HDMI 2.1 Chipset Bug. HDMI 2.1 - The Definitive Guide to the Next Generation, Denon X-Series Introduces the World's First 8K-Ready AV Receivers, https://hdmi.org/spec21sub/ultrahighspeedcable, Bug in HDMI 2.1 chips Affect AV Receivers, XBOX Series X & NVIDIA Graphic Cards. we test and explore new gaming system capabilities and the latest HDMI specifications, we will provide guidance on our website to help new and future Yesterday a German audio website discovered a bug in the latest HDMI 2.1 chipsets sourced by Panasonic and utilized in the new Denon, Marantz and Yamaha HDMI 2.1 AV receivers. Oct 24, 2020 #1 Spotted a discussion on Reddit about the problems … The source’s default is set to output at 4K/60Hz, so if no change was Guessing when the cost of 10G switches comes down, they will do this over IP using ethernet switching instead of HDMI. Copyright © 1998–2020 Audioholics, LLC. instead of 4K/120Hz until a permanent solution is available. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 1 of 2 Go to page. I was able to get sound through HDMI for my PC and Blu ray player. This bug can inhibit pass through of 4k/120Hz HDR and 8k/60 HDR for some devices like NVIDIA's newest graphics cards and the latest XBOX Series X gaming console. Die Wahl fiel auf den o.g. Audioholics will continue to follow this issue and report back once new information is received on the permanent solution from manufacturers deploying the Panasonic HDMI 2.1 chipset in their AV receivers.