This monster's pretty straightforward. He has a few standard sword attacks that hit pretty hard, but aren't difficult to avoid. Dark Souls Boss Guide – Complete Walkthrough Guide for Iron Golem If you’ve got some humanity to spare, you can summon Solaire of Astora to come help you if you’re alive. Even if you block his attacks, you’ll slide back quite a ways, so make keep checking you’re not blocking near the edge of the platform. Black Friday game deals: see all the best offers right now! You only have a narrow ledge to fight on, so the first step is luring him onto your platform. Another tactic is that once Sif appears, run back to the puddle left of the door through which you entered. Dark Soul Boss Guide – Complete Walkthrough for Moonlight Butterfly Unless you're fighting a monster that can grab you, try hugging their bodies as you strafe in a counter-clockwise circle around them. This guide on Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Secure Lazar Or Secure Park will help you choose between securing Park or…, Operation Chaos has a Decrypt Floppy Disk objective. The kings can also use a grab attack. Circle strafe. He makes this fight much much easier as he will essentially tank one of the bosses, allowing you to focus on the other. You can also avoid virtually all his attacks by simply rolling between his legs every time he winds up to swing at you. It's given away by a scream though so listen out. He'll try to punch you with his Stretch Armstrong fists, but you can avoid his attacks by sprinting the length of the platform. Leon Hurley Get your shield up fast as the AoE will hurt far less while blocking. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. This is hard to avoid (usually rolling forward underneath her as she flies towards you works) so we don’t suggest you stray too far. If you can try and cut off her small tail because it's the only way to obtain a rare and powerful weapons called Priscilla’s Dagger which does a lot of bleed damage. Dark Soul Boss Guide – Complete Walkthrough for Bell Gargoyle Killing Smough first means Ornstein grows bigger in size and strength. One mistake can easily mean death. There are multiple weapons which can be constructed from the souls (usually two). He does another fire attack that does damage in a frontal cone. This fight can be a pain early on. Boasting new graphics, improved lighting…, Yakuza: Like a Dragon takes the tried-and-true formula of the Yakuza series and flips the script. Dark Soul Boss Guide – Complete Walkthrough for Taurus Demon Staying close is actually better than backpedaling, as you can read when he’s about to use his grab attack - roll out of the way and use this opportunity to either heal or hit him hard. As well as the weapons, once the tail is gone, the battle becomes extremely easy. Once the battle begins, Gwyn will always perform a leaping attack. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. If you're having trouble laying the smack down on some of these imposing foes then don't get stressed, as we've worked our way through the toughest Dark Souls Remastered bosses to produce these handy tips to help you secure victory in battle. Dodging this attack is rather difficult. There are two glowing orbs in his chamber, one on each side of the room. Visit our corporate site. Also, if his fist glows, that means he’s going for a grab attack, which has surprising range and tracking and also deals lots of damage. Don't stand in fire and roll dodge her sword attacks - Quelaag’s firesword is extremely deadly, so we suggest you read her swings and attempt to roll away from them as opposed to blocking them. Dark Souls Boss Guide – Complete Walkthrough for Crossbreed Priscilla Rolling to either side at the very last moment (her stabs track) will keep you out of harms way. Just try to stay out of the aggro range of the giant skeletons in the back of the arena. Essentially Maneaters 2.0, this fight is ripped straight from Demon's Souls. The easiest way to take on the Gaping Dragon is to try and stick close to the right side of his body, between his two legs. One of the Lord Demons, Bed of Chaos is a pretty straightforward fight. It’s as simple as that! New York, This is the first boss encounter where Dark Souls proudly presents its giant middle finger. The best home projectors for gaming, movies and TV on any budget, The best gaming routers for PC, PS4, and Xbox 2020, Best computer speakers 2020: the clearest picks for your PC and setup. Use sprints into the inside circles after the sweep attack and you should be able to avoid taking damage. These videos are primarily for learning and understanding how to avoid the bosses attacks, where possible. The biggest thing you'll want to watch out for is her brutal AoE ability - when the human portion of her body bows down, that's your signal to move. Two bosses at once, both of which are powerful. If you want to fight him honourably (you fool) then stay close to the ledge near his body, or he'll ceaselessly discharge fire all over the place. Either way, expect to get your skull caved in a time or two. We've posted the guides for each of Dark Souls' bosses in alphabetical order, as progression can differ from player to player. Plus Nito is a necromancer, so the trio of skeletons he has with him will revive unless you kill them with a divine weapon. Dark Soul Boss Guide – Complete Walkthrough For Gaping Dragon With no doubts, the most powerful boss in the game. Chip away at the creature's health while it's airborne, but pay attention to its magic attacks. Rinse and repeat. As soon as you drop into the arena, heal if you've not got anything to negate the fall damage. Dark Soul Boss Guide – Complete Walkthrough for Capra Demon It's best to roll dodge its magic when possible, as blocking does little to nullify the damage. It's not that powerful - not even half as powerful as the Drake Sword - but it is rare. It's also a worthwhile tactic to use a Homeward Bone or the Homeward Miracle to warp out of the room, or even quite and reload so that once you return, you’ll only have to make half the journey to the other side of the bed.