We put them in warm milk with onion on the side dipped in salt and pepper. Vanilla Cornmeal Griddle Cakes With Pears. This was a very easy recipe to make and actually faster than it says. I only had medium grind cornmeal, and I think they might be even better with a finer grind, but I liked the robust cornbreadiness of them. this has become one of my favorite recipes. These cornmeal griddle cakes were easy to make. They stuck (crusted on) to my no-stick Green Pan forcing me to switch to other no-stick pans where they stuck again. Sounds terrific! Congrats! This was a delicious supper. A born and bred Southerner from middle Georgia, my mother always made hoe cakes with buttermilk, not water, and so do I. I would make it again and maybe add some chipotle Hollandaise to really round out the eggs Benedict motif. Pour cornmeal into a large bowl; cover with boiling water. Each side crisped up to a nice golden brown. We look forward to hearing about upcoming creations…. One recipe made about 11 to 12 griddle cakes. 347 calories; protein 9.3g 19% DV; carbohydrates 59.8g 19% DV; fat 8.6g 13% DV; cholesterol 55.3mg 18% DV; sodium 707.6mg 28% DV. Crisped exterior. I can definitely can see these as a savory side for soup or stew also! They are, in fact, a quicker simpler form of corn bread. We'd love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I can see a couple of these rounds served on the side of a bowl of chili. Sher, so sorry about your gluten intolerance. Here’s how to make them. I prefer making mine with buttermilk and baking it in the oven till brown. Submit a Recipe Correction Advertisement. They are delicious and take on different varieties according to people’s tastes. Knowing the light flavor they would have, I had them for breakfast with a mixture of maple syrup and sorghum. Thanks for this great gluten-free recipe! My husband loves cornbread but now prefers to eat gluten-free. Preheat griddle pan or cast iron skillet over medium heat, lightly spray with non stick cooking spray or grease with non dairy spread. Though these easy-to-make cornmeal griddle cakes can be served smothered in butter and syrup like a pancake, they would also be terrific aside beans, chili, tomato relish, or anything you’d eat with corn bread. These are easy and quite tasty hot from a cast-iron skillet with a smear of butter. Appreciated you sharing that trick and love the photo! I did at first “slick” my cast iron pan, and the cakes worked out ok. YOU'LL ALSO LOVE. You decide how many mouths it satisfies in your household. Lightly grease a heavy nonstick pan (i.e. Question: How long did it last in the fridge? © 2020 All rights reserved. Thanks, Suzanne. I used a coarse cornmeal, and my co-eater thought it might be better with a finer grind. You’re so very welcome, Kristina! Overall, I have no complaints about the original recipe, just commenting that I made a few adjustments that made me happier with the results. Thank for the recipe! I would stick the tip into my cornbread and sort of fill it with honey – these totally reminded me of that, even though I used maple syrup! Will definitely be making again. All I had in hand was canola/olive oil hybrid and I can taste it but it doesn’t distract much from the total deliciousness of these cakes. This recipe made 10 cakes for me. I made these cakes with steak, shredded basil, garden-fresh sliced tomatoes, and buttermilk ranch drizzled over top. there’s just a simple honest goodness with this sorta thing. So good. They were delicious—crispy on the outside, light like a corn muffin on the inside. Love that you got creative with the recipe. I tried to make them in my fry pan and it was very difficult. Just what I was looking to try. We always ate it with a pot of peas or beans. Niiiiice, Nanc. So quick to make, I’ll certainly make these again! Stir the … Or, in a few weeks, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries, because summer is such a showoff. Also found that the cakes made last were a little less crunchy than the first batch. If you do, it really is not that great. I used less oil than called for in the recipe — just enough to moisten the pan — and the cakes still came out with a nice golden crust. Very laid-back and simple food, definitely Southern style. All materials used with permission. I’m now craving these cornmeal cakes, though, perhaps with a side of fish…and onion. While the batter came together simply, it did require about 1/2 cup more water. They’re especially delicious to sop up juices and gravy.–Virginia Willis. i’ve even taught it in my cooking classes here in the alaska bush and my kids love it. These are a perfect way to use those overripe too fast strawberries from the market that I secretly love most of all for cooking, as they’re insanely sweet and practically collapsed even before they hit the oven. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Pour 2 Tbsp. I did need to add more water, as suggested; I got it to the consistency of wet sand, which seemed to work well. Turned out AMAZING. Lemon zest and sour cream! The recipe made 8 cakes for me. Feel free to do so. Perfect recipe, kick it up. Biscuits require expensive dairy products, while gluten-free cornmeal griddle cakes, also known as hoe cakes, can be made with little more than meal, a bit of oil, and water. Hoe cakes, also known as Johnny cakes or fried cornbread in some areas, are decidedly southern. Attach it below. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This recipe is very good, but what would make it better is more salt. I made up the batter and stored it in a covered container in the fridge, that way I can make one or two as needed. Cook cakes 2 to 3 minutes or until tops are covered with bubbles and edges look dry and cooked; turn and cook other side (about 2 minutes). Thank you somocdl for sharing your recipe. Lest you mistake them for that other sort of griddle cake, the kind you stack five high on a plate in a puddle of melted butter and maple syrup, bear in mind that these savory somethings have no leavening and no sugar.