Key Findings; Read PDF Online Download PDF . Should a student not meet expectations during virtual learning, a consequence will be administered. Make sure the consequences increase in severity for each infraction. Ø Phone call … So make sure you’re being a good role model in all areas of your teen’s life. Brush up on these three types of logical consequences so you can use them when kids test the limits. �y �$�ס���e0䁖�;��ޥ�J��ס��䁵R��3�ZU���7�e�}{�h�^fԷ��� i��$L+��7�-D6�D79?���応�����uC��u�'�y2HΤL�:JZL���)��{�1����g�s�h@ ��e}��F�!������o� I display these rules in my first days of school PowerPoint. It’s important to establish clear rules, and to have consequences for breaking those rules. For example, the punishment for breaking the curfew … x��=ێ%�q�����H�Ҏ�Yə8N5��k� @���ʓ/ ˀ��)�IV����3�+������n�X�*y����B�L�\���������{�*�K��������_����W��o��4M��܉�;xW���&{��������p��v�=;ܩ�����Vi��}��B�n?��]Ÿz�a|������A����{��*M?z Make them sign the contract before they get the privilege. One teacher's list of consequences for breaking classroom rules follows: First time: Name on board. Your class rules are (sample rules detailed below): be prepared, show respect, be prompt, participate, and be responsible. They help students regain self-control, reflect on their mistakes, and make amends for them. �]R[�l�C���W�E�$�ƋS����U���G�Om���t.Âɞ����Q��@���*o��T�y����A%D�G�CA�kG�'���{x�Fٌs`݋,���&ڙ7�,�3����gFFSr�y�N��W^Ub��������U���7ڗ�x�E�Y�� R��\���q���"��BDME�c 3�4��Jh$_��ߔY�����C��J�gf��{p��S Z@ߓ�T3r��LK=������Eyy��O^��e�o!~ԑ%��aV�E~���v���o��|`Q��]=�o���)�I��b�d��tZ^H� ���(��|P��PX] ���k��"����O,i�(��ۮH���3 ��\:�7]& D\O������n�̘J��US�)�*�—����}��3yTN��ϾD��h�e��\��N)g�4���4OI!�I���ɯ5+]��A�UB������ 5�����Qn%��3v��2�$�9����(s��fƸ�!+XxRG$���'��(� ���52�n[qN�E�"��>sw��L��J�������=�Io�h������?��y���V#��A�_�V=� Choosing appropriate consequences is an important part of shaping your kids’ behavior. (I will respect you) %PDF-1.4 The challenge for a teacher who is new to using logical consequences, however, is how to have the right responses at the ready. Set Clear Rules. Consequences It is important to have consequences when students break your classroom rules. Creative classroom management strategies from fellow teachers and our experts. Setting the Rules #1. Be Respectful to yourself, others, teachers, and staff by using manners. 3–5, See more ideas about classroom, teaching classroom, classroom behavior. This is what you will have to deal with... consequences of breaking school rules In the following table, we have indicated what is considered as breaking school rules. ������ LVeP������� � dD����s�����R����Q���tC;'0QH>��Zx�*^�n�"R�� ���a:J�'���yA�~v��aPI��P!z�(xp��{`��(�/_��s�d �D�UD�W�7�,�K��RL �v�� �2N�6p�^� "�8� 8��-/|)� Despite all your proactive strategies to prevent misbehavior, students will break the rules. Everything you need to know about setting the stage for good behavior in your classroom...and when students misbehave, how to handle it with finesse. 4. 6–8. ��Hf�j���t�m_�u��������. �K�$��(�A+%�?ï2�\acF��*0���_1��Q�w�t0�W�gāy%���������v?��H:W� ��~���8�3Y���S��vJ�|�9���i�@ҫ�+�J�/�A��F�0�%�=N����%����2z��'):��+"9h�h��gS�h��"�x���&d�Yo�o�f���T�����X�Md\�Œ��>t The goal of logical consequences is to help children develop internal understanding, self-control, and a desire to follow the rules. View not found. Be a good role model. Tweens and teens push boundaries to see how their parents will respond. Three very commonly used consequences are referring a student to the office, calling the parents, or making an empty threat. Download the PDF from here. Consequences may include: After school detention under the principal or dean of student's supervision. Consequences for Breaking Rules Teacher Instructions 1. Your teen learns more by watching what you do, rather than hearing what you say. Enforce the consequences for breaking the rules: When rules are made, you should also decide the consequences for breaking the rule. Every teacher must create consequences with which they are comfortable (or follow set school procedures). It’s important to establish clear rules, and to have consequences for breaking those rules. In most situations, the principal is responsible for enforcing school-wide rules, and in a well-managed building, consequences will be spelled out clearly. Spend quality time together.