Thank you for signing up to Guitar World. Don't classical guitars have position markers? It’s not cheap, but the GK Pro has authenticity and vibe in spades. This, my crazy friend, is the perfect guitar for you. In this guide we’ll discuss what distinguishes the different types of classical guitar from one another, as well as offering some recommendations of some of the best classical guitars you can buy today. Bracing – the method of providing rigidity to the body – is usually lighter in weight and arranged in a way to enhance the guitar’s resonance, while classical and flamenco guitars also tend to have a shallower body depth than you’d find on, for example, a dreadnought acoustic. These are specialist tools and have certain characteristics which perhaps don’t lend themselves to playing crossover styles, but in the right hands a good nylon acoustic is a sight to behold. We appreciated the unfettered access to the upper frets, while the 4-band EQ ensured we had a huge amount of control over our amplified tone. In many ways, it’s a more sedate way of living. On balance, the Taylor Academy 12e-N is hard to beat in the field of classical guitars. The Cordoba GK Pro is a top-of-the-line model, endorsed by the Kings themselves, and brings with it a number of elite-tier fittings and features. For the price, the Cordoba C7-CE is a pretty compelling package, and one we’re happy to recommend. It may come as a surprise then, to find the nylon-string scene has an entire other dimension to it. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Simply the best classical guitar for most people, Price: $699/£779 | Top: Lutz Spruce | Back & sides: Layered Sapele | Neck: Mahogany | Fingerboard: West African Ebony | Scale: 25.5” | Frets: 17 | Finishes: Varnish. Any acoustic player – steel or nylon – will know of Taylor thanks to its reputation for providing guitars at the top table, but with its Academy series, Taylor has learned how to pack in all its experience and know-how into a range which is affordable to the masses. That said, if you’re going to name your guitar ‘Timeless Legend’ it had better be good, and thankfully Ovation has managed to live up to that promise. Within the sub-genre you’ll also find differences between flamenco and classical nylon-string guitars, with flamenco versions often featuring a reinforced plate to protect the body when percussive techniques are used. That’s a cocktail for failure”, DevilDriver's Neil Tiemann and Mike Spreitzer on taking the road less shreddy: ”It’s cooler if we play something hard”. You will receive a verification email shortly. The Range of the classical guitar Range can be extended slightly Guitar strings can be loosened to produce a slightly lower note. We particularly like the bevelled armrest which made for a nicely comfortable playing experience, while we were impressed with how the onboard electronics retained the guitar’s natural resonance even at higher volumes. Classical guitars differ from standard steel-string acoustic guitars in several ways, not least in the expanded width of the neck – up to 2” - to accommodate more complex fretting shapes. If the talk of thin necks and built-in EQ panels has upset some of the more traditionalist classical guitar players, you might want to move to the next entry. The premium tone-woods ensure it sounds as good as it looks, while the slightly thinner body makes it comfortable to play whatever stance you prefer. Admittedly, high-end nylon-string guitars tend to serve a couple of specific niches of music, namely classical and flamenco, but their overall appeal does crossover in some areas. There was a problem. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea visually, but we felt the Washburn Festival delivered a lot of guitar for the money. The Ovation Timeless Legend Nylon is the culmination of all that innovation, providing a solid cedar top which gives a mellow, balanced sound when combined with the Lyrachord material. From flamenco and hybrid, to acoustic-electric models and beyond, these are the best classical guitars around right now. Guitar strings can be loosened to produce a slightly lower note. In the Washburn Festival EACT42S there exists almost the perfect guitar for a bit of musical escapism. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Taylor is seeing some great successes from its Academy line, which promises the full-fat Taylor experience at a cost that makes them – at least relatively – affordable for the many. Even if you’re not a nylon player, the 12e-N is worth a quick dabble if you get the chance. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Regardless, the best classical guitar for you is the one that allows you to achieve your playing goals. This guitar positively urges you to play at high-tempo, with all the percussive flourishes that accompany it. If you’re looking for a nylon-string guitar specifically, as opposed to a general purpose acoustic guitar, then the chances are that you play either classical or flamenco styles. Visit our corporate site. About the Book Author . Bath Affordable ‘proper’ Nylon-string from Yamaha, Price: $149/£149 | Top: Spruce | Back & sides: Meranti | Neck: Nato | Fingerboard: Rosewood | Scale: 25.5” | Frets: 18 | Finishes: Natural. Here’s a look at some of the best classical guitars in the world today. Price: $1,495/£1,399 | Top: Cedar | Back & sides: Silverleaf Maple | Neck: Mahogany | Fingerboard: Richlite | Scale: 25.5” | Frets: 22 | Finishes: Natural, Black Pearl. The Taylor Academy 12e-N is a superb nylon-strung option which provides the benefits of classical and flamenco styling with the ergonomic familiarity of a more standard steel-strung guitar. Solid mid-range offer geared towards classical players, Price: $529/£499 | Top: Spruce | Back & sides: Black Walnut | Neck: Mahogany | Fingerboard: Laurel | Frets: 20 | Finishes: Natural, Black. Paganini copied his techniques from the guitar? We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. + Yamaha entry level quality. We'll be reporting on the best offers right through to Black Friday itself. This is a high-end instrument, of that there is no doubt, although its neck is slightly thinner than some classical or flamenco veterans may like. Classical guitars differ from standard steel-string acoustic guitars in several ways, not least in the expanded width of the neck – up to 2” - to accommodate more complex fretting shapes. With this tuning, the range of the guitar is extended by one note. Not the most exciting classical guitar in the world… but does it need to be? Charles Kamen, founder of Ovation, believed there were certain inherent frequencies he didn’t want in an acoustic and set upon building his own solution comprising composite materials usually found in the aviation industry. It’s not unknown for players of different styles to dabble with a bit of fingerpicking, if the mood dictates. You’ll also find differences in the construction, body shape and weight distribution. This bowl-back nylon acoustic is perfect for the stage, Price: $1,299/£1,195 | Top: Solid Cedar | Back & sides: Lyrachord | Neck: 5-piece mahogany/maple | Fingerboard: Ebony | Scale: 26.2” | Frets: 19 | Finishes: Natural.