It has additional features like Autosave, Quickshare, Bookmark, Hashtag filter etc. You could also understand the online influence of other content initiators through Klout score. In simple terms, you could post a pic on a dozen different platforms all at once. Buffer: If you’re avid social media marketer, Buffer is a must chrome extension for you. If you want to send some messages/images to someone in your G+ Circle, you just need to hover and click on the extension. One day you browse a site – may be a competitor’s – and find just the font you were looking for but have no clue which one it is. Note: Details like pricing are subject to change as per the respective tool provider. You may craft, organize and share a timeline of tweets with this chrome extension for Twitter. Here’s a guide to 15 best Chrome extensions available for social media marketers. But please note that you need to have Spotify desktop app to listen the music. This YouTube Optimizer works well with embedded/HTML 5 videos. Besides, it has email support, improved login experience, tagging feature and much more. Enabling Share to Facebook gives you an eye-wateringly easy way to quickly share web content to your Facebook Page, Groups or … Google Marketing Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your Business. Ghostery is designed to block ads and trackers, this productivity chrome extension makes a great social media marketing tool. Yes, you can search GIFs on the web from your browser and add them to your Gmail, Twitter or Hipchat. You could access in-depth approaches about your Twitter community. Have you tried any of these useful chrome extensions for social media to manage your actions? You can do all the stuff such as comment, share, like, friend search etc. What Is The Best SEO Marketing Approach For Your Business? Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook, and other social tools on the web. BitTorrent Stuck on Connecting to Peers. How can it change in the future? Sniply helps you make those conversion-generating posts by letting you add custom CTA to any piece of content. Profile Visitors For Facebook: Do you wanna check who has visited your Facebook profile? Having high-quality backlinks directing to your website should be a major factor in your overall SEO strategy. With this social media extension, you will be able to schedule and manage posts across different platforms. The social media marketing (SMM) plugin also shows all keywords bought on AdWords, every ad variation, and every organic rank for $33/month. I AM TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON GOOGLE CHROME SO YOU HAVE PROVIDED THE BEST LIST OF EXTENSIONS TO USE. 51. Thanks for these extensions but i dont know what is wrong with chrome it is my favourite browser but some unnecessary tabs it is so irritating tell me how get rid out of please thanks. 24. Chrome is incredibly great browser. If you are serious about social media marketing, I would tell you to download this excellent extension in chrome to watch the clicks, retweets and favorites of your tweets. Video Preview: If you wish to see more images for YouTube  videos, VideoPreview is the best chrome extension where you can get image preview through mouse hover. StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon chrome extension provides the easiest way to find out the best images, videos and websites. You may also check the official Facebook count for any links with it.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'techtricksworld_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_0',107,'0','0'])); 7. Just you need to move your mouse over the thumbnails to see full image. Top 15 Chrome extensions for social media marketers . Keep visiting my friend. Google Chrome Browser has attained a great popularity due to its minimalist and user-friendly design. Socializer: Socializer supports top social networks and let you to share any webpage over there. Bitly: Bitly chrome extension allows you to save and share your links on famous social networks. It has 30 million expert curators to recommend the best web content based on your interest. 20 Best Bumble Pick Up Lines That actually Work, Rev Up Your Marketing Plan With Automobile Influencers, Xiaomi Mi Pad – Tablet With Impressive Features, How to Become the Top Insurance Agent, or 11 Keystones of 2014 Financial Service Industry, Our Favourite Reasons For Putting Labels on Personal Items, Cyfe : Your Multifunctional Dashboard With All-In-One Monitoring, How a newspaper seller is making India Proud Globally, Inspiring Interview with Ritesh Sarvaiya of Defencely Inc, Get Your Own Ecommerce Website Designed (With Infographics), PDF Unlocker: Amazing Tool For Removing Assigned PDF Restrictions, Advantages and importance of responsive web design, Must have Smartphones in 2015 (Mid-Range), Top 8 questions that will make your every blog post popular, 5 Signs Your Business Needs a New Internet Service Provider, Runescape 3: Making Money with Cursed Energy, API Testing Tools: Reasons Why You Should Invest in Them. It will automatically install on your chrome browser with no restart. John recently posted…How to Become the Top Insurance Agent, or 11 Keystones of 2014 Financial Service Industry. Social bro: It is the best Twitter marketing platform which combines real-time data with campaign management to let you to analyze, involve and monetize your twitter marketing efforts. For every social media marketing post, there is a tedious task to find high-quality, professional stock pictures, usually for free. But not much I used. That’s… Klout: To check your Klout score in your twitter stream, you can easily schedule and share your preferred content to multiple networks with Klout chrome extension. Seven important metrics to measure content marketing ROI. Furthermore, it blocks images, scripts, objects and documents from websites that you don’t trust. Sprout Social: If you’re looking for an easy-to-use social media management platform to manage your social channels effectively and give outstanding customer experience, you may get this Chrome extension. If you’re a social media addict and struggling to manage your activities in various social networks, the above discussed social media chrome extensions might help. 29. Keep listing the helpful stuff Nirmala recently posted…Xiaomi Mi Pad – Tablet With Impressive Features. 32. Google Docs Spell Check Not Working! Download Now, Learn how to bring the SEO and engineering teams together to achieve success. Peter recently posted…Our Favourite Reasons For Putting Labels on Personal Items. 1. share other’s content to enhance your reputation. Share to LinkedIn: You can share the links and posts directly from your chrome browser to LinkedIn with this useful extension. Google Chrome is an extension-friendly web browser as it allows running its add-ons on Sandbox environment. 12. 36. Then, you may download this Facebook Chrome extension. Awesome list of extensions, i’m pretty aware with 28 stumbleupon, however I’m keenly looking for huge list finally i got, thanks for sharing valuable resources. How to Make a Scatter Plot in Google Sheets? When it comes to the internet browser, Google Chrome, with its extensive list of extensions is the indisputable chart-topper. Thank you for coming by Swadhin. From theme-based to technical coding-related, these top 15 Chrome extensions will make social media marketers more productive, smart, and efficient.