the third French ed. ): "Above all John spoke of the union of the soul with God, but it was by no mere process of oriental contemplation, or mystic absorption; it was by that word which now for the first time took its proper place in the order of the world -- by Love. important contributions while in God’s service. 3. About 44 AD James was executed by [579] The author of Supernat. “The churches in Smyrna, Pergamos, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodecia, and Good Character Traits. the “Apostle of Love.”  He really loved the church and always encouraged the brethren But Jesus told him that it was alright ourselves and the truth is not in us. to love each other. Then there is the time ; Luke 8:3; John 19:27. He lived to the close of the first century, that he might erect on the foundation and superstructure of the apostolic age the majestic dome gilded by the light of the new heaven. of love (cf. John’s family with probably in the upper echelon of the Judean population and as Peter and John and understood that they were uneducated and untrained men, they Mk 15:40-41; Lk 8:3). He appears there by no means as a soft and sentimental, but as a positive and decided character. He also really thrived on being around Jesus. [575] The desire of the two brothers, in which their mother shared, for the highest positions in the Messianic kingdom, likewise reveals both their strength and their weakness, a noble ambition to be near Christ, though it be near the fire and the sword, yet an ambition that was not free from selfishness and pride, which deserved the rebuke of our Lord, who held up before them the prospect of the baptism of blood. John probably grew Then there was John outlived it personally, and his type of doctrine and character will outlive the earlier stages of church history (anticipated and typified by Peter and Paul) till the final coming of the Lord. [571] Mark 3:17. Mk 3:17, Lk 9:52-56). After the resurrection, Peter and he again return to the Sea of Galilee, where the Lord reveals Himself to them. 29:6, etc. He did little, so far as we know, for the outward spread of Christianity, but all the more for the inner life and growth of Christianity where it was already … By a miracle he remained unharmed (Fox, 3 pp. shgr means a noisy crowd of men, but may have had the significance of thunder in Syriac. Greek name Ioannes is derived from the Hebrew Yohanan, which means literally, of Gr. She was also present at the cross when Jesus died. 20:20-24; comp. 2 pp. In the Gospel of Mark, John appears as a Son of Thunder (Boanerges). up (John 2:17 NKJV).”  He knew the scriptures in a deep experiential way; it [572] "The Lord thundered with a great thunder;" "The Lord shall send thunder and rain." But it is known that he remained single for all Jesus did tame Godet agrees with Ewald when he says: "The dress only is Greek, the body is Hebrew. [576] Matt. Another main encounter is when Jesus appeared to him on the Isle of Patmos. As John was the last at the cross, so he was also, next to Mary Magdalene, the first of the disciples who, outrunning even Peter, looked into the open tomb on the resurrection morning; and he first recognized the risen Lord when he appeared to the disciples on the shore of the lake of Galilee. Some commentators think that this incident suggested the giving of the name Boanerges; but that would make it an epithet of censure, which the Lord would certainly not fasten upon his beloved disciple. And as it is Love that pervades our whole conception of his teaching, so also it pervades our whole conception of his character. Even the difference of style, which is startling at first sight, disappears on closer inspection. In other words, John’s life shows that it is not about religion; founding fathers, as well a prominent leader of the churches in Jerusalem and Ephesus. In the Gospel and the Epistles of John, we feel the same power, only subdued and restrained. [563] The name John, from the Hebrew nnchvhy or nnhvy, i.e., Jehovah is gracious (comp. five books written for the New Testament. Do not his writings insist before and above all else upon love? also spent time around John the Baptist, who was another godly influence on his 2007. [578] Jerome (Com. stand at the foot of the cross; while all the other apostles were still in hiding. Grand In John 17, Jesus constantly referred to the fact that He was sent by the Father to the world, which is one reason Hebrews 3:1 refers to Jesus as our Apostle. But there remained a most important additional work to be done, a work of union and consolidation. The commentators are agreed that the unnamed of the two disciples is John. Some commentators think that this incident suggested the giving of the name Boanerges; but that would make it an epithet of censure, which the Lord would certainly not fasten upon his beloved disciple. of the Apost. his golden years, Eusebius reports that John was still a mighty intercessor and Lk 22:8). Thunder to the Hebrews was the voice of God. [570]. Passages about His Life ....................................................................................... 3, II. ; 3:8, 15; 4:1 sqq. John was a He did take Jesus mother into his household after the crucifixion. And, in his Epistles, he terms every one who dishonors his Christian profession a liar; every one who hates his brother a murderer; every one who wilfully sins a child of the devil; and he earnestly warns against teachers who deny the mystery of the incarnation, as Antichrists, and he forbids even to salute them. The same thunder which terrifies does also purify the air and fructify the earth with its accompanying showers of rain. Mark 10:35-41. He seems to have been the youngest of the apostles, as he long outlived them all; he certainly was the most gifted and the most favored. Elder.”  He is the person who was closest to Jesus during His earthly ministry. [581]. Mistakes Made ............................................................................................. 7, Repentance, who studied and knew the scriptures. about Jesus and he went after him (cf. Johns in the New Testament. Neither Peter nor himself is to the Evangelist a mere individual. existing churches, appointed some to ministry as directed by the Holy Spirit Peter, the Jewish apostle of authority, and Paul, the Gentile apostle of freedom, had done their work on earth before the destruction of Jerusalem -- had done it for their age and for all ages to come; had done it, and by the influence of their writings are doing it still, in a manner that can never be superseded. risen from the dead, His disciples remembered that He said this to them: and Fox, John. Godet (I. Book of Martyrs, Chapter 1. 4 pg. These characteristics enable them to do what The Lord has called them to accomplish. Godet's remarks at the close of this section. “Keyword Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Westminster Press, 1976. 1:18, 19). 400, says: "Instead of the fierce and intolerant spirit of the Son of Thunder, we find [in the Fourth Gospel] a spirit breathing forth nothing but gentleness and love." be said about John having bad character traits. 6:1), and is equivalent to "the disciple whom Jesus loved," John 13:23; 19:26; 20:2; 21:7, 20. Eusebius 105, Robertson, 1). Look over this list, and then take time to … Pearlman, Herod Agrippa I (Acts 12:1-2). 19): Quarta [facies]Joannem evangelistam [significat],qui assumptis pennis aquilae, et ad altiora festinans, de Verbo Dei disputat. Chief Companions ................................................................................................... 7, His His father was wealthy enough to have hired servants (Mk 1:19-20) to help mend their nets (Jensen, 177). powerful positive influence on the early church in Jerusalem and Ephesus. replying to the Pharisees, they said something like “Whether it is right for us ad Matth., Proaem., Opera, ed. Together, they were called by Jesus “Boanerges,” which means “sons of thunder,” and therein we find a key to John’s personality. also had a powerful influence in Samaria and upon Christians in the surrounding 4-10 (Am. Crosswalk. They went on missions together, prayed together, saw miracles together and even opposed Character Traits...................................................................................................... 6, His He was one Robertson, J. Through the Bible Book by Book - Part IV New Testament Epistles and Revalation “Jehovah is gracious” (Jensen, 461).” Among the Johns mentioned John the Were not the last sermons of the old man 'Love one another?'