2404 W. Hamilton Rd. S275NH, S355NH, S355NLH, S460NH, S460NLH, Hot-finished structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine-grain structural steels – Tolerances, dimensions and sectional properties, Seamless circular tubes of fine-grain steels for engineering purposes, e.g. Fields of application: Pressure vessel construction, apparatus engineering, pipelines, mechanical engineering and tool-building. CARBON STEEL High Temp Use A-106 GR. Seamless circular tubes of cold-resistant steels. Carbon (C) 0.300 0.300 0.300 0.350 0.300 0.280 Manganese (MN) 0.290 1.06* 0.290 1.06* 0.290 1.06* 0.290 1.20* 0.290 1.20** 0.90*** Phosphorus (P) 0.035 0.035 0.025 0.050 0.050 0.030 SEAMLESS TUBES FOR PRESSURE PURPOSES AT LOW TEMPERATURES Seamless steel tubes acc. These additional elements are used to influence the metal’s strength, … to DIN EN 10208-2 and DIN 17172, Fields of application: Long-distance pipelines (e.g. mild (low carbon) steel, strong and ductile, has good weldability properties. StE 285, StE 355, TStE 355, StE 460, TStE 460: ... Material Grade Comparison Conversion Chart of Carbon Alloy Steel Carbon Steel Pipe Standard ASTM BS DIN Sweden Stainless Steel Comparison Table Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy Conversion Chart O’Hare Precision Metals, LLC. Carbon steels, like any other metals and steels, also have varying grades, each suited for certain treated conditions, environments, and temperatures. to DIN EN 10216-3 and DIN 17179. B A-234 WPB A-105 A-53 GR. Fitting Specs. INTERNATIONAL STEEL GRADE GUIDE Australian Grades (AS) and their nearest International Equivalent Std. ASTM's steel standards are instrumental in classifying, evaluating, and specifying the material, chemical, mechanical, and metallurgical properties of the different types of steels, which are primarily used in the production of mechanical components, industrial parts, and construction elements, as well as other accessories related to them. carbon grade comparison chart: astm a106 vs astm a53 gr. c gr. Tensile / yield strengths and ductilities for some of the plain carbon and low alloy steels are given in the following mechanical properties of steel chart. Specs. structural and civil engineering ), bridge and crane construction, PIPELINES FOR GAS AND COMBUSTIBLE FLUIDS Seamless steel tubes acc. c gr. suitable for surface hardening, can be case machined, hardened, and welded, hydraulic shafts, motor shafts, pump shafts, machinery parts, high carbon steel, has moderate hardness and strength, machineable, ductile, machinery parts, used in the tempered and quenched condition for strength, medium-carbon engineering steel, suitable for induction hardening and flame, used for forged parts, links, gears, couplings, forged shafts and axles, has good strength, wear resistance, and toughness, machineable, medium carbon steel, can be forged satisfactorily, most common shafting steel, induction hardening applications, medium strength parts, shafts for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, plain carbon steel, readily welded and machined, high-carbon steel, has high tensile strength, heat treatable, stressproof-equivalent steel, a higher-strength alloy than A36 and 1018, has improved ductility, used for parts requiring mechanical properties obtained by heat treating, free machining steel, has enhanced machinability, stronger than 1018, screw machines, couplings, inserts, bushings, and hydraulic hose fittings. Arlington Heights, IL 60005, Tel: (847) 640-6050 (Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm CST). Request for Quotation, Material Grade Comparison Conversion Chart of Carbon Alloy Steel, Heat Exchanger Tubes – Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes, Reheater Tubes Superheater Tubes Boiler Tube, S31803 S32205 2205 S32750 S32760 Duplex Steel Pipe, 2507 Super Duplex Pipe | 2507 Super Duplex Tube, Incoloy 800 Tubing Alloy 800 Pipe N08800 Seamless Tubes, Incoloy 800H Tubing Alloy 800H Pipe N08810 Seamless Tubes, Incoloy 901 UNS N09901 Alloy Seamless Tubes, Incoloy 925 UNS N09925 Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes, Incoloy 926 1.4529 UNS N08926 Alloy Seamless Tubes, Inconel 625 Tubing Inonel 625 Pipe N06625 Alloy Tubes, Inconel 690 Pipe Alloy 690 Pipe N06690 Alloy Tubes, Inconel 706 Inconel Alloy 706 N09706 Alloy Seamless Tubes, Hastelloy B2 Alloy DIN 17751 2.4617 ASTM B619 B622 B626 N10665 Alloy Seamless Tubes, Hastelloy B3 Alloy ASTM B619 B622 B626 N10675 Alloys Seamless Tubes Tubing, Hastelloy C4 Alloy ASTM B619 B622 B626 N06455 N06455 Alloy Seamless Tubing, Hastelloy C276 Tubing Alloy C276 Pipe N10276 Seamless Tubing Pipe, Hastelloy X Alloy Tubing Pipe UNS N06002 2.4665 Alloy, Properties – Mechanical and Physical Propties, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Actual Market Turnover has not been greatly improved, ASTM A789 S32205 S31803 Stainless Steel Tubes Material Purchase Specification, Advantages and Disadvantages of adding Titanium to Austenitic Stainless Steel, ASTM A213 A312 A269 EN 10216-5 Hydrostatic Test Pressure Calculate Maximum Pressure Duration, ASTM A789 ASME SA 789 S31803 S32205 S32101 S32750 S32760 S32304 S31500 S31260 Seamless Tubes, Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Process Classification. For alloys in general (including steel), unified numbering … oil and oil products) for compressed and liquid gases, SEAMLESS TUBES FOR PRESSURE PURPOSES AT ROOM TEMPERATURE Seamless steel tubes acc. Carbon Steel Pipe can be classified into four categories: Low carbon steel – Carbon content 0.55-1.05%; Medium carbon steel- Carbon content 0.25-10.6%; High carbon steel- Carbon content 0.9-2.5%; Super High carbon steel- Carbon content 2.5-3.0%; Commonly used Carbon Steel explained below: Low Carbon Steel Disadvantage of stainless steel tube in condenser: Instructions for correct use of stainless steel fasteners, How to maintain the electrochemical polishing solution for stainless steel tube, Maximum internal pressure of 316L Stainless Steel Tube, Heat treatment technology of stainless steel pipe surface, ASTM A789 Duplex Steel Grades Chemical Composition, Hardness testing method for different inner diameters of stainless steel pipes, Stainless Steel Square Tube | Stainless Steel Square Pipe, 304 304L 304LN 304H Stainless Steel Tubing, 304NG Nuclear Grade Stainless Steel Tubes, 305 1.4303 Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes, 317L Stainless Steel Pipe | TP 317L Stainless Steel Tube, 321 Stainless Steel Tube 321H Stainless Steel Tube, ASTM A213 TP347 TP347H Stainless Steel Pipe ASME SA213 TP 347H Stainless Steel Tubes, 17-4 PH Stainless Steel 630 Stainless Steel Pipe, 409L Stainless Steel Pipes 409 Stainless Steel, 2205 Duplex Pipe | 2205 Duplex Tube SA789 SA790 UNS S32205, Design of sanitary stainless steel pipe roll, Stainless steel pipe tap processing process and matters needing attention, Stainless steel Tube welding process and precautions after welding, High Temperature Tubes and Pipes Standard, Surface Hardening of Austenitic Stainless Steel with Nitrogen, High Temperature Stainless Steel Properties, Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel Tubes, Heat-treatable steels (Quenched & tempered steels), Seamless circular tubes made from heat-treatable steels, Plain end seamless steel tubes: Dimensions and conventional masses per unit length, Hot-finished structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine-grain structural steels, e.g. B Low Temp Use A-333 GR. b gr. to DIN EN 10083-3 and DIN 17204, Fields of application : General mechanical engineering and tool-building, vehicle construction, pressure vessel and pipeline constructionTUBES FOR STRUCTURAL STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS MADE FROM FINE-GRAIN STEELSSeamless steel tubes acc. O'HARE PRECISION METALS, LLC. Seamless Carbon Pipe The complex chemical and physical properties of the various grades of carbon steel pipe allow for a broad range of service usage. steel, hard alloys and carbon steel at medium to high cutting speeds. crimping, bending, swaging, worms, pins, gears, dowels, tool holders, machine parts, pinions, ratchets, etc. ASTM Reference Chart Grade Pipe Tubing Weld Forging Plate Specs. Steel Plate Catalog Commercial […] The results in finishes may also vary in the grades. Carbon Steel is divided into three subgroups depending on the amount of carbon in the metal: Low Carbon Steels/Mild Steels (up to 0.3% carbon), Medium Carbon Steels (0.3–0.6% carbon), and High Carbon Steels (more than 0.6% carbon). And there are many carbon steel grades with unique qualities to choose from. 6 A-420 WPL6 A350 LF2 (Fine Grain) ALLOY STEEL Carbon … StE 285, StE 355, TStE 355, StE 460, TStE 460, Steel pipes for pipelines for combustible fluids Tubes from requirement class B, Steel pipes for pipelines for the transport of combustible fluids and gases, Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes of alloy fine- grain steels with specified properties at room temperature, Seamless circular tubes of fine-grain steels for special requirements, e.g.