This occurs when either there is a calcium deficiency in the soil, or something prevents tomatoes from taking in the soil's calcium. Its appearance is white and grainy, and like other types of fertilizers, it also dissolves … You need to add calcium early, ensuring that your soil’s pH levels are lower than 7.2. Better yet, perform a soil test before adding the calcium tablets or other supplements, so you know what you need to add for high-quality and nutritious soil. With that in mind, I recommend that you keep your plants moist by wearing them regularly, as well as using garden lime when available, which will also ensure better health for your tomato plants. And this year, I'm trying my hand at an odd preventative trick: Crushing up a few antacid tablets and putting them in the planting hole before I transplant my tomato starts. For instance, if your plant is already suffering from the blossom end rot, it may not indicate a calcium deficiency in the soil. This has happened to me more times than I can count. By strengthening the cell walls, the calcium helps create tougher, more resilient fruits where blossom end rot can't set in. Some gardeners use Tums tablets to treat calcium deficiency in the soil. ... Crush the tablets & spray the vines of tomatoes that have BER. Are Black Spots On Broccoli Stems Safe To Eat? This does not work since calcium needs to be dissolved in water to be taken up by the tomato plants. How Much Sunlight Do Pepper Plants Need? The next minute, dark spots start appearing at the flower-end of the fruit. Why is There Fungus on Azalea Branches and How to Solve... What Is Eating Holes In My Pepper Plant Leaves: Remedies to Know About, How to Get Rid Of Tomato Fruitworm: All the Advice You Need Now. So you’ll need to water your plants even more and avoid drying out your soil, especially if you won pot-grown tomato plants. However, they can be quite expensive, even when using affordable antacids like Tums. This blog post would seem to agree, suggesting crushing up tablets, dissolving them and applying them with a sprayer every month to help keep on top of any problems. Planting Tomatoes and Peppers Together: Is It Possible. However, the disadvantage is how pricey it is compared to garden lime, as calcium supplements don’t come cheap. If this happens, you will need to start hydrating your plants. Besides this, a calcium deficiency can also cause the blossom end rot, which is when sunken dark brown or black spots show on your tomato fruits’ lower ends. It’s best that you follow this method before transplanting your tomato plants. Soil Amendments For Tomatoes: Everything to Know For Successful Planting. Instead, it may show that your plants are unable to properly transport calcium to its soils. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your soil and plants receive all the calcium it requires. That sounds odd, doesn’t it, as calcium tablets are made for people! That said, I have no idea whether this will work for me. Another way you can apply calcium tablets is by crushing them up and dissolving them in water. Are Thornless Blackberries Invasive? You can use calcium tablets on your soil and tomato plants to help them grow well. It just sucks. But instead of garden lime, can you use calcium tablets instead? Crush up calcium tablets or antacids and place them in the planting hole before doing so. Use a hand trowel to mix the eggshell powder into the soil. One of the best fertilizers for tomatoes is calcium nitrate. When you’re planting tomatoes, you’ll most likely find a lot of advice on what to help supplement your plants. Place your collected eggshells in a blender and blend until you have a dry powder. To keep your dream of bushels of tomatoes from literally rot… So I know pill popping and vegetables don't mix. Another way you can maintain better moisture levels for your plants is to mulch your garden bed. Foliar calcium sprays contain calcium nitrate or calcium chloride. This will prevent your growing plants from getting blossom end rot. This encourages growth of plant and tomato. Calcium tablets come in various molecular combinations for human consumption, including calcium carbonate. It’s also still best to sprinkle a few calcium supplements to improve the overall soil quality, but again, be wary with the pH levels. You see blossom end rot is essentially a calcium deficiency, and several old-timey gardeners have sworn to me that antacid tablets—which contain a … Eggshells contain 95 percent calcium carbonate making them an ideal calcium additive. The Epic Stories Behind 5 Heirloom Tomatoes, 7 No-Cost Ways to Grow More Food From Your Garden, How Nitrogen-Fixing Plants Can Perk Up Your Garden. This requires immediate intervention! While calcium tablets are effective in keeping calcium levels healthy, it may not help in certain situations.