Last time I went last week, there were six people working behind the counter. 6 x 3 fl oz. They offered a nice variety of unique flavored cookies/ice cream flavors that were delightful to try! Now that's good ice cream! We also offer canned goods, locally produced eggs, honey and other products. 48 oz. Original price: $2.59 / ea or. You may think ice cream is off-limits if you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes -- especially since many varieties are high in sugar and cause your blood glucose to rise rapidly. But what kind of ice cream? Rich and creamy premium ice cream, fresh-baked cookies and mini chocolate morsels – all in the same bite. Ono Cones of Hawaii Outshine Popsicle Purity Rebel Ice Cream Roselani Simply Balanced Skinny Cow Snickers So Delicious Sorbatto Spider-Man SpongeBob SquarePants Star Wars Talenti Thelma's Tillamook Tru Fru Turkey Hill Twix Yasso Brownie Caramel Cheesecake Cherry Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cookies & cream Dark Chocolate Fudge mint Nut Peanut Butter Salt Strawberry Vanilla … Fantastic ice cream, handmade right there in the store. Food Lion Mini ice Cream Sandwiches Vanilla 16ct. Current price: $2.50 / ea ($0.07/fl oz) Save big with your MVP Card. $3.79 / ea ($0.63/ea) Add to Cart . May We Suggest. Breyers Ice Cream Natural Vanilla. The ice cream certainly isn’t butter flavored. Since we make our own ice cream, the flavors are constantly changing. You know, it’s a good flavor. If you're looking for sugar-free varieties that don't raise blood sugar, the bad news is ... there aren't any. Chipwich – the original ice cream cookie sandwich. What makes it for me are the add-ons, particulary the bourbon spiced pecans and the hot fudge sauce, which, except for my mama's, is the best I've ever had. You are sure to find something new to try on each visit. Ice creams are labeled for gluten and nuts, too (thank you!). All of the milk used for our products is fresh from our dairy located in Larchwood, Iowa. Once upon a time, I decided to have a scoop of butter pecan ice cream because that’s what the shopping gods (my sister) decided to bring home. At Stensland Family Farms Ice Cream + Country Store in Sioux Falls, we offer fresh, hand-dipped ice cream made in-house, other ice cream treats as well as well as our very own dairy products – milk, cheese and butter. We offer 35 Flavors each day. Price. May We Suggest. Chipwich invented the ice cream cookie sandwich craze in the 80’s, and continues to set the standard today. The name doesn’t really give it away. We have won awards at the National Ice Cream Show with Mexican Vanilla, Amaretto Peach and Pecan, Oh Joy and Peanut Butter Knuckle Sandwich. Butter Pecan Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwiches are a delicious way to ... family's love for unique ice cream sandwiches began several years ago when we enjoyed some amazingly delicious homemade ice cream sandwiches at a diner near my daughter's college campus. Use the store locator to find your favorite Breyers® ice cream, gelato, or frozen dessert products in stores near you! Good Humor Frozen Dairy Dessert Bars Strawberry Shortcake. Sponsored. Add to Cart . I think it was the … Voted the Third best ice cream in Texas on Texas Country Reporter. Price. 36 fl oz. You’ve got some nice, cardboard-like, dry, tasteless pecans suspended in a delicious ice cream. It’s cold, creamy, chocolatey, AND crunchy!