The vertical split across the middle of the screen makes it hard to see what's going on during co-op play. Sprites are detailed, and are a definite nod to the days of old school gaming as they have a slight bounce when they walk. Mario Tennis Aces can be unwelcoming to new players. The difficulty spikes from battle to battle are sometimes way too steep. For example, if a boss way too hard for you, you can simply swap to easy and then progress. Almost every character is incredibly memorable and enjoyable to get to know better. The entire game basically revolves around the same formula. As Octopath Traveler is more of an intimate, character-based story, you have the freedom to experience each tale however you want. Despite having cover mechanics, the turn-based combat in M+RKB almost never feels slow or boring. The former option automatically prevents collision with walls and the latter option glues your foot to the gas pedal. This might unlock some bonus content, as various objects in the game world reward bonuses such as money, experience, and access to secret areas if you hit them with your golf ball. The platforming can feel a bit clunky or rough at times. It may take a couple of playthroughs to find them all, but once you do, it may completely change how you see the story, the characters, and a lot more. A lot of the story is left up your own interpretation, which can be disappointing for those who prefer a solid, coherent narrative. All in all, it just doesn't feel good to control since you will constantly be dealing with the way the disc faces in relation to the buttons you're pressing. This is mostly because the Rabbids are very goofy, overreact to the events around them, and even strike ridiculous poses at times. There are quite a few to choose from, and you can activate 2 at a time which means you can mix and match them to find your perfect challenge. Everything runs smoothly at 1080p and 60 FPS, with brighter colors for maps, characters, and enemies. The system is pretty engaging in the way it keeps you on your toes for every fight. This thread is archived. Using the terrain to your advantage to send grenadiers to lob explosives over buildings for cover fire, while expending the rest of your AP to get your other squadmates to safety is one tactic that you can pull off. The randomly generated maps are very similar to one another. The tilesets are colorful and varied. The upscaled visuals are nice, but there isn't much here compared to the existing game, especially if you shelled out money for all the DLC before. Sometimes during local co-op, the camera seems to jump around at times as it isn't quite sure where it's supposed to be when there are multiple players on the screen. While the turn-based combat systems of JRPGs have been going strong for longer than 20 years, it also means that there's generally nothing new to expect, and that is certainly true of I Am Setsuna. For example, when they're angry the text is big and bold and the box may slightly wobble from side to side. The game world is enormous, with a massive amount of secret areas that really reward you for sniffing them out. Discovering a memory that needs to be restored, hunting down the lost memory by killing a boss, and then restoring it. 71% Upvoted. Your party takes turn attacking the enemy to find their specific weaknesses, whether it's to sword attacks, certain elemental spells, and so on. Each one can be used to weave combos in tandem with your character's acrobatic movements, smashing or slashing the demons you encounter. One of the minigames requires you to golf with a disc, and due to the controls, can tend be a bit on the confusing side. You'll probably still have a great time with co-op, despite the setback. As an upgrade from the existing Hyrule Warriors, the Definitive Edition has an improved resolution and framerate, plus all the bonus content. The start of the game has you dying a lot but once you have unlocked everything dying is extremely rare even in hard mode, Game takes too many steps in the wrong direction and throws out too many gameplay features from Zelda like proper dungeons for example. Depending on which traits you earn in your playthrough, different quests and character interactions become available. The Best Metroidvania Games on Nintendo Switch, Dead Cells Barrels O’ Fun Update Heads to Consoles, Programmer Gets DOOM Running on a Pregnancy Test, The Best Couch Co-Op Games on PlayStation Now, The Best Accessories Every Xbox Series X/S Owner Needs. Each of these class specializations have their own unique set of skills to use on the battlefield. You'll never play the same map twice. People and places around the world are disappearing, leaving behind blank white spaces where they once stood. save. This removes a lot of the challenge since eventually everything becomes trivial. With a couple exceptions, the boss fights are challenging in a way that does not feel cheap. Skills and abilities do what they say they do without a lot of fluff. Battles are quite long and involved, usually taking about an hour to finish. By. It's a great way to continue to fun with a friend after you've completed the story mode, and you can play on the same device since it's turn based. Or you can go for a genocide playthrough, which is basically what it sounds like, where you kill everyone you come across whenever you get the chance.