Never quite finished this, would have liked to add a sword/ or maybe reins, but may update it later. This card is absurd in the Boros Mentor deck. The versatility in this card is just too powerful to ignore. A single mentor +1/+1 counter turns these cards into threats and even pushes Boros Challenger out of range of all Red removal… except for Lava Coil. Later in the game, if you desperately need a strong attacker to finish off an opponent, they aren’t going to ignore an 11/1 goblin charging in, making this a great distraction for the end of the game. And our biggest DUH moment is Aurelia herself. Turn-3: Tajic, Legion’s Edge… attack with Tajic, Boros Challenger and Goblin Banneret… Tajic pumps Boros Challenger into a 3/4, and Boros Challenger pumps Goblin Banneret into a 2/2. Getting value out of combat is the lifeblood of the deck, and without constantly pumping up your squad through repeated combat, you’re likely doomed to losing with nothing but a few wimpy 2/2 and 2/3 creatures on the board. On turn-3, with a Goblin Banneret or Boros Challenger on the board, it becomes a 2/2 with a mentor check. After three weeks of pouring all of my free Magic Arena resources into a Boros Mentor deck and a pummeling my way through hundreds of matches, I think I’m ready to write a guide on the deck. Do not fear sending Tajic into battle when he faces certain doom. PureMTGO is dedicated to purely MTGO, Magic the Gathering Online only content. © 2020 TechnoBuffalo LLC. Most of the time, you’ll have a Boros Challenger and/or a Sunhome Stalwart on the board on turn-4, and with even just two mentors, Heroic Reinforcements causes 12 damage. Lava Coil is more of a sideboard card here. The amazing thing about Iroas is that this God has two abilities which, unlike … It’s too weak, to easy of a target for opponents, and gets the ball rolling way too slow. Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more. In sticking with our theme of playing only mentors, we have three cards to talk about now. Our first game which was created in 2014, Kings of the Realm is a free to play, strategy MMO set in a fantasy world of conquest, alliance and betrayal. That's Swords to Plowshares in a nutshell: the best single target removal spell in Magic, but sometimes you want to be the one gaining life… (repeat loop) RED. Using him to pass counters onto your other mentors is far more important than having him live to see another turn. Those with the aggro experience, who is the best Boros commander? Great top deck. Imagine this…. There is no question that when Aurelia is played, your chances of winning the game greatly increase. Just remember, always play them BEFORE combat. Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog. On turn-4, it can start attacking as well, spreading the counters further. DISCUSSION. [[Swiftblade Vindicator]], … Without cards that use the mechanic, you might as well call this deck Red/White Aggro. I'm planning on building the most basic Boros aggro deck ever, but who should read it? Without that first strike ability, he will likely perish in combat, and by the time you can both play him and pay for the ability, your opponent will likely have a four-toughness creature that will kill him anyway. Yes, these three help. The site features the complete package for you to write articles including man features that make writing magic articles easy and fun! For example, if you miss your two-drop mentor, his ability can be used to pump up another one-drop creature and still have mana open for Shock or a pump spell. [[Tajic, Legion's Edge]], gone. I’ve tried them all, and none of them are effective enough to win the game like the uncommon and rare mentors are. It kills early and later threats, even if it knocks you off curve a little. Everyone knows that most Boros commanders are made to swing in and beat face. However, you might notice that he’s not exactly strong in the toughness department and dies very easily. Great card! Boros Mentor loses to all of the top tier decks, and yet, the match-making in Magic Arena calcuates that it has enough rares and mythics to go head to fight with them. When played on turn-3, it will often pump up a Goblin Banneret, Boros Challenger, or Sunhome Stalwart, which will allow them to be strong enough to pass out more mentor counters on the following turn. Face it, without the mentor mechanic aligning and working perfectly, you’re just playing a deck of 1/1, 2/2, and 2/3 creatures that can’t stand up to some of the more dominant decks in Magic. Scribble Pad Studios works with everyone from videogame developers to theme park companies. Always prioritize creatures over casting Shock, but if your opponent plays something you’d rather not see, consider Bzzzting it away. Boros Challenger is better since it doesn’t die to Shock, but Sunhone Stalwart is effective against a lot of 2-toughness creatures. One, opponents target it immediately for removal, so it’s often a wasted a play. All that investment… for nothing really. He’ll also trade with 2-drops easily, and it’s no fun to see your rare, legendary soldier die to a wimpy merfolk or goblin. Choose your mentors wisely, don’t just play the common ones because they are mentors. 2-toughness is well within range of a Shock, and given how prominent Red is in Standard, that’s likely how he will often die. Battle of Five Armies? However, I’ve always been unimpressed by it. With a mentor on the board each and every combat, you’re either guaranteed a chance to power one of them up or at last control a 3/3 or a 3/4 creature that you paid two mana for. I found this out after sinking all of my free resources from Magic Arena into making my deck, and sadly, I don’t have much motivation to build more decks knowing that grinding for cards was tough enough to build one. it might also depend on the type of RW competitive deck you're building. More on that later. So, rotation has come and gone and the Legion was in a bad way. However, this is a rare case where you might just want to hold on for the cheaper effect. When played on turn-1 or turn-2, it gets in for early damage, which is always nice. Yes and yes, play a playset of both of these. Turn-2 Shock and Leonin Vanguard is a perfectly fine play. Thanks for waiting! First up: This seems like an easy target for mentor, and it is. Ignore Swiftblade Vindicator. My ranking has already dramatically increased after leaving Boros Mentor in the dust. On its own, it’s 4 damage, which can close a game, or two bodies which can allow for stabilizing blocks. As mentioned before, Tajic, Legion’s Edge is vital for this deck to get mentor counters flowing early in the game. Turn-1 Shock or Golin Banneret are both fine plays. Red's best instants "blow things up real good." Tajic, if he dies… he dies. Integrity is also effective later in the game if you need to Lightning Helix something away. Instead, find a one-drop creature that can be easily pumped early in the game and become a legitimate threat later. The earliest Swiftblade Vindicator can be pumped is turn-4… far too late, especially since you want to play Aurelia or another ramp topper than turn. Combat goes much smoother if your opponent has nothing to throw in the way of the early creatures you are mentoring, and Shock allows for both efficient removal and a consistent flow of creatures. Just sick. Based on my experiences, here is the best advice I can give on playing Boros Mentor in Standard on Magic Arena. Another card you’ll want to prioritize over Lightning Strike. Founded in 2008 by creative director James Paick, the Los Angeles-based studio has an enviable client list including Riot Games, Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Universal, NCsoft, Naughty Dog, Sony and Wizards of the Coast, and is rapidly branching into other fields, […]. Hopefully, for your opponent’s sake, they left up a blocker. What’s likely to happen is that he’ll attack on turn-3 and pump up a either of your two-drop mentors or maybe a one-drop creature if you missed the curve.