I need to know asap if toasted bread crumbs can replace corn starch soon it is my kids dinner. Hi Bob, looks terrific. I don’t have the proper tools to fry these yet, and my husband to be and myself are really eager to try this delicious looking recipe. And you are so very welcome. I was able to fry 4 at a time, so as we were eating the first batch, the second was being fried. I’ve been serching for a good alaround recipe that would work on chicken and fish, I had halibut in mind. (Untouched by the raw chicken.). Thanks for a weeknight winner for sale-priced breasts. The Spruce. This recipe is absolutely delicious!!! Make sure to set the printing options at the top of the print page to: “Recipe Only” and “without” images, comments, and Testers Choice. I don’t know how I never stumbled across this recipe before, but I loved it! Perfect. I’ve found it so interesting on how many ways Southerners fry chicken and how the ways are so different depending on where you grew up. Cover and refrigerate the batter while the chicken is brining. Hi Glen, we use a smidge different proportions in our self rising flour. Those of you who are geeks for cooking technique wizardry, pay attention. Only thing I changed was the water instead I used beer. The sweet of the cream played fabulously with the pepper, and the crust is such a great bite considering the starch and powder. Will definitely do this again. I live in Florida with a Southern-raised hubby, so have assumed it would never measure up to what his mom made. I might try a little more salt next time. You know what this batter-fried chicken reminded me of? I must say that the chicken thighs I used ended up being in the brine overnight as we had to run to the ER just as I was about to start cooking. Even shy a teaspoon of baking powder (I never recall running out completely), this turned out deliciously. Thanks, Jose! They all loved it (my husband and me included). Erica, I’m delighted it worked out so well! What do you think? But definitely keep the skin on. We decided that this is our go-to chicken recipe from now on. I discovered today that it makes wonderful onion rings, too. I was curious if you know this is Carolina style fried chicken – similar to the old Pioneer chicken that used to exist in the West Coast back in the day. So glad that you enjoyed the recipe and your red rice sounds wonderful. I love cooking and this is one of my #1 fried chicken. We haven’t tried it ourselves so we can’t say for certain that it will work, but you may want to try the baking instructions for this recipe…https://leitesculinaria.com/76914/recipes-crunchy-oven-fried-drumsticks.html. Only thing I did different was that halfway through frying, I dipped in the batter again, then continued to fry. I’m going to bookmark this recipe!! Bring the oil back to 350°F (176°C) and repeat with the remaining chicken. This fried chicken is a bit different than any other we’ve tried and we loved it. Thanks. awesome awesome awesome! Omg, I tried this recipe today and it was sooooooooo good. 5) dry the brined strips as thoroughly as possible so that the batter will stick. Can I add a cup of pepper sauce (hot sauce) to make a little spicy. You’re so welcome, Mrs. P. Love to hear stories like this. I will definitely be making this again. Cook the fried chicken until deep golden brown and the white meat registers 160°F (71°C) or 175°F (79°C) for dark meat, 12 to 25 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken pieces and the exact temperature of your oil. Have a picture you'd like to add to your comment? Trying thighs today. When I removed the batter from the fridge, it was overly thick. Chii-pet, I wouldn’t go more than an hour for the brine. Thank YOU for the equivalent information, Trudy. Can you use this recipe with an air fryer? I still had plenty of batter left over, and I only use about 2 quarts of oil and not three. This one is Parmesan-crusted, a these one uses legs: Outstanding. This brought back childhood memories for my husband. It’s remarkable just how potent a food memory can be, isn’t it? Once battered, it is placed in hot oil. We’ve never tried it this way, so we really can’t say if it would work. I used Lawry’s seasoned salt and added some ground thyme to it. i actually used this recipe for my daughter’s birthday party — cut up 18 chicken breasts into bite sized pieces (it took me about 2 hours to deep fry them all); so boneless meat — but not a single bite left. It was very tasty. How long do you normally leave it up on a wire rack before you serve it? Thanks for such a delicious, easy-to-follow recipe. You’re def onto something here though with the cornstarch and baking powder and no dairy or eggs. Michael, yes, you can. Next time I think I’ll try peanut oil. Yummy, that looks so great! I did not cover with anything when I drove there and they were just as crisp as when they came out of the fryer. Am I reading that right? From the reviews, my mouth is watering, but I am not a big fan of boned chicken parts. Perfect!!! So glad you liked it. Just wanted to say we really enjoyed it and to thank you for sharing this recipe. I did not need to change a thing. And wait’ll you taste it. And yes, all of the water is used in the batter. How long can the chicken stay in the brine before it’s ruined? Thank you. And love that you shared your terrific experience with this! I have a wonderful team, from Renee who picks the recipes, to Beth who oversees the testing, to the testers who say yay or nay. Now, if only I could get a pool…. Chicken fingers, which have no skin, are best made with an egg and breadcrumb coating, which gets crispy and adheres better. Looking forward to hearing about the next recipe on the site that you try! Have found that 1 tsp Diamond kosher salt is equal to 1/2 tsp Morton kosher. I’d recommend checking your internal temperature after about 12 minutes in, then gauge the timing from there. Also, I can’t believe it took me this many years to figure this out, but to avoid having to carefully wrap and dispose of leftover cooking oil, I poured in the leftover batter and turned off the heat to allow it to absorb all the oil. Hi. Southern? Hello, good afternoon. However, it was the greasiest chicken that I have eaten since consuming a Swanson Fried Chicken TV Dinner. Looking forward to hearing which recipe on the site you try next…! These were NOT greasy and stayed crisp throughout our snacking, I was quite amazed. Hello, looks like the batter fried chicken recipe is great! Looooooove to hear that, Ericka! Frankly, it was just plain nasty. After reading through pretty much all content on this page, I was quickly sold. I was looking for something different to do with my chicken. They came out absolutely perfect and ridiculously similar to commercially available nuggets. As for battering the chicken ahead of time, I would strongly caution against doing that. We’re so happy that this was such a success for you. So I think you’re fine for a few days. I made this batter fried chicken tonight and my family LOVED it! I am not a fan of black pepper so I left that out. So important! Thank you so much for this recipe. Or would you know any reason why mine turns out oily? Thanks for the recipe. The batter came out a little thin. My past experiments with cooking wild turkey have turned out dry and tough–thus my indecisiveness. Love the jerk! It is a great recipe! I’m wondering about this recipe again. We didn’t use quite so much black pepper, and used 2 teaspoons of Everglades seasoning instead of 1 teaspoon of salt. This is hands down the best brine and batter recipe I’ve ever tried, not only because the brine imparts wonderful flavor to the chicken, the batter allows me to sufficiently brown my chicken without the batter getting burned and my chicken ending up raw. Thanks David for these awesome hacks! Easy to make and delicious.